Atell Psychic Tarot: Free Weekly Reading 15 -21 May 2017

This week, we have the King of Pentacles, five of swords, and King of Swords. These cards together feel as though they represent the need to choose between logic or doing the right thing versus what is practical or your duty. You may find that finding middle ground is tricky, especially when it comes to explaining to others why you’re having to do what you’re doing. They may not understand, and this is why it’s important to keep communication as calm and as clear as possible.

With the five of swords, there’s often the impulse to be quite direct or aggressive so you can move in quickly ‘slay’ your opponent and walk away, but in situations such as these, there’s more to it than winning the argument. This week it’s all about making sustainable changes that are based in logic and integrity while being able to communicate your intentions and thought process calmly and clearly.

Areas that give us that sense of belonging and stability come up with this energy as well, work and finances are the two big ones but our home lives and family also come into it to an extent. It feels as though decisions made during the week ahead influence these areas and can lead to greater stability if the issues at hand are dealt with efficiently. You may also find that your morals or integrity gets questioned this week, and if this happens, let it be and take the high road.

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