Atell Psychic Tarot: Free Weekly Tarot Forecast 29 May to 5 June 2017

This is the free weekly tarot forecast at Atell Psychic Tarot; It replaces the free daily online tarot readings. This week, we are working with three cards: The Moon, The six of wands, and the seven of cups.

The Moon: This is a sign that emotions run high this week and that we may feel a situation is worse than it actually is. Intuition tends to also be heightened during this time but the trick is to remain grounded. Our first impression may not always be correct and we may not always see clearly due to the way we view the world (through our emotional lens). So stay grounded, keep fear and anxiety under control, and this week should be a lot easier to deal with.

The six of wands:  A lot can be accomplished this week, and if we make the effort, the very things we worried about can be completed in a way we’re happy with. There’s a sense of successful outcomes, achievements, and recognition here so any efforts we make towards our goal this week is likely to give us results relative to the time and effort we put in.

The seven of cups: Take time this week to have fun, day dream, make plans, be optimistic and spend time with the people who make you smile. If you’re not feeling up to social stuff, take time to enjoy yourself by doing things you haven’t made time for in a while. Anything that stretches your creative/imaginative muscle is a good fit with this energy, as well as anything light and enjoyable.

So all in all the week ahead asks us to keep working towards that important goal if we want to be successful, but  we need to also find ways to work past our own perspectives and fears. Taking time out when needed and surrounding ourselves with positive situations and positive people will help us do that this week.

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