Atell Psychic Tarot: Free Weekly Tarot Reading 22 May to 28 May 2017

For this weekly tarot card reading, I have drawn the chariot, the four of wands, and the page of cups. This week feels far lighter and easier than last week. Where we were having to argue or negotiate, explain or defend ourselves while making some pretty tough choices, this week offers the opportunity to see the results of those efforts.

The chariot shows the ability or potential for us to make progress in the week ahead and to actively pursue our goals. There’s a sense of speed and purpose, focus and intent, and all these things work together to help us clear the path for swifter and definite progress. There is a sense of having to stay focused though, so in other words, don’t lose focus now because things feel easier. Stay determined and focused and use your resources wisely to make the most of this potential.

The four of wands along with the chariot feels goal orientated and it says “You’re close to having what you want”, you can almost see your destination in the distance. This means that whatever you were fighting for/about last week is close to being resolved or achieved in the coming week. Push ahead, keep making those strides, and you’ll get to where you’re going. You can already see it ahead, now just keep going toward it.

The page of cups reminds us of the value of kindness and of gestures, especially to and from those we care about. This comes with a feminine energy so it could be a sister, a female friend, a daughter etc, who either shows support or needs support. Emotional support is a big part of the puzzle this week, so if you need support…reach out and talk to someone you know will get what you’re going through. If you are aware of someone close to you who might need cheering up or a kind word, go ahead and make the gesture.

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