Atell Psychic Tarot Free Weekly Tarot Reading: 5 June to 11 June 2017

This week’s free online tarot reading uses three cards; the hermit, the five of wands, and the seven of cups.

The Hermit: This talks about introspection for the week ahead, and the potential for this introspection to lead us to new ideas, new projects, or new mindsets. So taking time out to think about what you want, how you feel about where you are at in life, what you need to be happy and so on is a big part of the week going forward. By all means take the time, don’t feel that it’s selfish. You can, after all, only be of real service to others once your own needs are met and you are happy.

The five of wands: There may be the impulse to keep your plans or ideas quiet this week and that’s perfectly fine. Sharing what you’re planning or wanting to do too early on may bring up some opposition, doubts, or may make your plans lose some momentum. For now, your ideas and plans are like seeds; they need to be nurtured in a quiet environment and they need to be tended carefully. You are the person who is best equipped to give them that care for now.

The seven of cups: There’s a sense of fantasies, day dreaming, thinking up new ideas or flights of fancy with this card this week. So by all means, dream up ideas, or dream about what it will be like once your plans materialize or your plans get put into action. Have fun with it, because ultimately all manifestation starts in the mind and with imagination. You’re dreaming your goals to life, so why not have fun with it? If you’re into visualization, use that to your advantage this week.

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