Readings now Available via Tango and Viber

The services at Atell Psychic Tarot so far have focused very heavily on phone, email and Skype readings but I’ve been wanting to introduce something new for some time and have found that there are chat applications available that allow … Continue reading

Rider Waite Tarot: Free Mini Reading

I’ve chosen the Rider Waite deck for this free mini tarot reading and have selected three cards from the deck.  If you found this post via social media, you have most likely chosen your card so feel free to scroll … Continue reading

Oracle Reading for November: Insight and Guidance for the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Levels

This is the very first monthly free oracle reading and I wanted to embrace a format that would allow all of us to benefit from the messages and guidance from Spirit so I’ve decided to use a format that provides … Continue reading

Color Personality Test: Your Personality Revealed through Color

Our color preferences and dislikes reveal a lot about our personalities and psychologists have long studied the links between particular colors and personality traits.  The color personality test is a very basic and easy to do test that reveals your … Continue reading

Aspects of Self: Free Oracle Card Reading

The Aspects of Self deck by Susan Emily Pitt is one of those decks I turn to for insight and advice when I want to find out how an aspect of myself is influencing a situation I’m dealing with and … Continue reading

Rider Waite Tarot: Pick Your Card for a Free Mini Tarot Reading

The Rider Waite is the deck most readers start with, because of its’ simple imagery and memorable associations; it is easy to read and also speaks to those who do not necessarily read Tarot themselves. The deck itself is a … Continue reading