Ask Atell: How Do I Find my Purpose or Destiny?

authentic selfThe question for this ‘Ask Atell’ blog post is one that I’ve been asked many times over the years, and I believe that all of us, at some point in our lives, search for that deeper meaning or our destiny in this life.  The question below was sent to me via email a few weeks ago:

Q: “I am a practising energy healer, but I feel the urge to branch out into teaching instead of healing. Is this my destiny and is it the right choice for me at this time?”

A: The idea of purpose or destiny seems to often come from the fact that we believe we are being expected by those around us to achieve certain things during a specific lifetime on this earth. Some of it comes from old belief systems, some from our societies or cultural backgrounds, some of it comes from childhood and being taught that we’re supposed to be certain things.  I’ve found over the years that all this is, is projections from others outside or ourselves and our own reality, trying to force those around them to become that particular person, society, or culture’s idea of what is ‘right’ and ‘meant’ to be.

Ultimately, your purpose in this lifetime is to firstly honor your soul, your uniqueness, and the Divinity in yourself and others.  Your particular interests, qualities, talents, and skills form a part of who you are, and ultimately, you’re at the wheel.  Your destiny is to be the most authentic version of YOU that you can possibly be, and as long as you’re doing that, you owe no explanations.  By being who and what you truly are, you’re not only honoring the Divine within yourself, but you’re also in service of others and honoring the Divine in them.

You’re a healer and will always be a healer, and what you’re doing now is branching out into something new. See it as a branch on your existing ‘tree’, and that this is a natural part of your growth process. In doing so, you’re going to be in an even better position to serve others and you’re following the clues your soul gives you. Go for it, and embrace the journey – and experience the full measure of joy that the experience is meant to bring you.

Rainbow Symbolism: Spiritual and Symbolic Meanings

Over the RainbowWe’ve had some very cold and rainy weather here over the last few months, but that is nothing new during winter time in the Witzenberg valley. We were even blessed enough to occasionally see the majestic mountains nestled under a white cap of snow.  The mountains, snow, and rain aren’t really what I’m focusing on today but they did contribute to all the beautiful rainbows I’ve been seeing recently.

Synchronicity has been at work in a big way and as fate would have it, someone I’ve been hoping to connect with for the last 3 years contacted me for a reading.  This lovely lady shared her vision for the future with me and mentioned a rainbow and how it fits in with her plans.

After the session, my partner and myself drove to Worcester and happened to see a gorgeous rainbow, and I had to take pictures as it was a direct confirmation of the topics of the reading I did earlier that day. Since then, rainbows have been popping up left, right, and center!  I traveled to Durbanville earlier this week to write my crystal healing exam and when I got out of the car, there was a massive rainbow ending right over the building I was meant to go into.

spiritual meaning of rainbows, symbolic meaning of rainbows, rainbow symbolism spiritual meaning of rainbows, symbolic meaning of rainbows, rainbow symbolism Spiritual Meaning of Rainbows

This is the information the lady I spoke to sent through an email to me: A rainbow is a sign of blessing for your ventures, those close to you, and yourself. It is a powerful sign and it can be seen as a message from the Universe or Spirit that you are headed in the right direction. Much like the biblical meaning or symbolism, it signifies and end to difficulty and despair.

So it fits perfectly! We are both at a point in our lives where we are considering and working on major changes that would involve expanding what we’re already doing and the rainbow has become a frequent sight for me since that day.  For me, personally, it is a reminder that the stress or strain I may feel during the growth process is going to be worth it and that what I’m working towards is blessed and supported by the Universe.

spiritual meaning of rainbows, symbolic meaning of rainbows, rainbow symbolismPersonal Significance or Interpretation

In addition to the symbolic meaning of rainbows, I’ve also started to look at it from a slightly different perspective, because of the subject I’m studying at present, color therapy.  The rainbow is made up of the seven formative forces or rays and while it is a beautiful and often breathtaking phenomenon, it has also come to have a deeper meaning for me; It’s a symbol of all of creation and of the unity of all those formative forces and colors that create the world we live in.

Have you seen a rainbow recently? Take it as a promise from the Universe that everything is going to be okay and that any challenges you’re facing or new projects you’re working on are worth the time and effort you’re investing.  If you turn a rainbow upside down it’s like a smile in all the colors of the spectrum, so the Universe is smiling on you and reminding you that you yourself takes the role of creator on a daily basis by shaping your world, your experiences, and your outcomes.



Tarot Reading Online: How Does a Psychic Reading on Whatsapp or Skype Work?

psychic or tarot readings via skype or whatsappTarot reading online can take many forms and as you may already know, readers offer psychic or tarot readings via email, phone, instant chat, and even services such as Skype and Whatsapp.  I’ve been asked this question a few times so I’ve decided to outline how Whatsapp and Skype readings work.  For me, they are two different reading formats and I’ll explain why below:

Tarot or Psychic Reading on Whatsapp

A reading on whatsapp can be done in one of two ways:  The first is to treat it like a phone reading but to conduct the reading in real time so that the reader chats with the client via the text messaging function.  There’s only one problem with this technique as I see it. Someone who uses whatsapp most often uses a phone to type and this means that the typing speed is exceptionally slow.  Usually I offer readings in time slots of 15, 30, or 60 minutes, so a longer reading time may be doable, but it is frustrating for both myself and the client to have to wait for extended periods between a question and answer.

I complete whatsapp readings in exactly the same way I would an email reading. In other words, the client pays for the service, they send in their questions, and I sit down and type out the reading before pasting it into whatsapp.  This means the reading is done remotely, but they are able to then read through it at their leisure and they are not required to focus exclusively on their phone as they would have to for a timed appointment.

Tarot or Psychic Reading on Skype

Skype is one of my all-time favorite reading delivery methods and here’s why: It can be used for voice conversations (so it’s pretty much like being on the phone) or the video functions can be switched on so I can see the client and the client can see me while the reading takes place. It adds an extra dimension to the reading as well because I’m able to show the cards as the reading progresses.

I don’t usually offer chat readings or text readings via Skype for the simple reason that it can be very time intensive, and many users access Skype from their phones or mobile devices.  In a pinch, where there are connection problems, I may use the text feature as a backup to ensure all necessary information gets relayed to the client, but it’s not my first choice.

I hope that helps clear things up a little, and in my opinion voice-based readings are almost always superior to text based or email readings. I prefer to work in a way where I can hear the client’s voice, but if that isn’t possible, text readings can be arranged and can be an alternative.


Free Psychic Tarot reading for Competition Winner for July 2

Need personalized guidance or answers on a specific person or situation? Book your readings via the services section and get it delivered via email, phone, skype, or whatsapp. Please note: If you need my personal attention, the reading must be paid for according to the booking length or number of questions asked. Personalized readings are not free.

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Ask Atell: How do I Find Someone to Make Me Happy?

Happiness isI’ve heard this question or variations thereof so many times during the years I’ve been doing readings. “I just want someone to make me happy, is that so much to ask?” or “I just want to find that one guy that will make me happy again.”  One of the recent questions I received via the ‘Ask Atell’ page was this; “How do I find someone to make me happy? I’ve looked everywhere, I’ve tried going out, I have met a few people, but they all fade into the background or stop calling. What more can I do?”

Happiness Begins Within

The simplest way to answer this question is to say that Happiness is an inside job, and though that may sound a little cliche, it’s true.  Many people live with the idea that it’s their life partner’s job to make them happy or that once they meet that perfect person, the clouds will part, the sun will shine, and the birds will sing once again.  The truth is that in a situation where someone is so intensely unhappy, it’s very difficult and demanding to ‘make them happy’, because it’s an impossible task and it leads to a situation where one party is continually working to make the other happy, but is continually falling short.

Why it Doesn’t Work

Let’s say you’re looking for a partner while you’re in a very anxious, unhappy, vulnerable, or needy state.  This guy will have the world on his shoulders, because, your happiness will depend entirely on him and his actions.  I recently read somewhere that trying to make an unhappy person happy is a continual effort, because it’s like trying to fill a leaky bucket from the outside.  If someone is that unhappy, there’s a problem within and that proverbial hole needs to be fixed before a relationship, or anything else for that matter, will be able to ‘fill’ that person up or truly contribute to their happiness.

Where to Start

If you’re hoping to find someone, the very first step is not to try to find someone to bring happiness into your life.  In fact, take a break from romance and focus on You instead.The trick is finding ways to be happy first, ways to find happiness within, before adding another party to the mix.  Let’s say for example, you’ve been feeling very down and depressed about things, examine why you feel that way and what you can do to change that. Positive thinking is just one of the very first ways to bring happiness into your life without having to do anything too drastic.

Secondly, I feel this particular reader has lost touch with her passion and many of the things that used to feed and nourish her on a soul level – and this is true for many people who find it hard to see the meaning and happiness waiting for them in every ordinary day. Reconnect with the things you enjoy doing, whether it’s needlework, PC games, or Yoga, if it puts a smile on your face, do it.  Once you’re at a point where happiness is an everyday part of your life without the ‘need’ for someone else to do it for you, you’ll be able to give as well as receive. Try joining groups that share your interests as well, because that way you’ll not only get to spend time doing what you love, you’ll also make new friends.

Filling the Vessel

There’s a saying that you cannot serve from an empty vessel and this is true of love as well. When someone is so filled with happiness and fulfilled by their day to day life, they have more than enough to share with those close to them, and being around them becomes a pleasure. In fact, happy people draw others to them and become an irresistible force.

Once we become responsible for our own happiness, we are not only free, but able to spread it around and share that happiness with the world.  This is when a partner, soul mate, or life partner most easily shows up, because a fulfilled individual positively glows and exudes that wonderful warm and intriguing lust for life that gets just about everybody’s attention.

So instead of looking at a potential relationship through the lens of “I need someone to make me happy” or “I need to be reassured” etc. Try filling those needs yourself first and then taking a perspective that lets you ask “How can I make others happier?”, “What can I contribute to this person’s life?”, “How can I be of service?”.

Happiness brings more Happiness

Our state of mind or vibration tends to be what attracts things and people into our reality, so you’ll end up attracting what you think, what you believe, and what you ARE at any given moment.  A happy person who’s enjoying life will attract the same energies into their lives which means you’re likely to surround yourself with other happy people who are ready and able to share their love with someone.