Energy Exchange and the Art of Enforcing Boundaries

Image Credit: Flickr

Image Credit: Flickr

I spent the day yesterday with a friend and I was blessed with some insightful revelations during our time together. One of the topics we touched on was the art of setting boundaries and energy exchange, and this has been somewhat a recurring theme for me over the last few weeks.  I’ve been wondering where to actually start with this blog post, so here goes. Boundaries: we all have them, but are we truly enforcing them?

Empaths and Boundaries

Being empathic means that you’re very ‘plugged into’ or in tune with the emotions of others, and the end result is, more often than not, wanting to help, comfort, or please others, so that they’ll feel better.  I’ve had so many instances where I felt guilty for not being able to help more, or to give more, or to be more to the various souls that cross my path, and subconsciously I suspect I was even beating myself up over it.

I believe that empaths give more, because we want to be surrounded by happy energy, and we want the world to be a better, happier, and brighter place.  This in turn tends to blur the lines between giving within our boundaries and giving more.

Energy Exchange

‘Energy exchange’ has been one of those phrases that were hard for me to really put to work in my life and what it means, in it’s most basic form, is that we should give and receive in equal measure.  In other words, we have to allow others to exchange their energy for ours.  Energy takes various forms, there’s time, there’s affection, there’s service to others, there are physical objects or gifts, or even currency.

Allowing someone to participate fully in the energy exchange enriches their own lives, and I’ve been learning that by taking the opportunity away from someone to do so, through giving too much too freely, I’m doing them and myself a disservice.  Both parties need to be active and take part in the exchange to benefit from it.

Understanding the Signs

Frustration is one of the biggest signs that someone needs to set boundaries and enforce them in order to be happier and to feel that sense of flow and balance in their own lives.  I found myself burning out, feeling frustrated, unhappy, depressed, and angry and couldn’t quite figure out why, until it hit me: I wasn’t setting or enforcing proper boundaries.

This was not just true in the professional sense, but also in a personal capacity.  The urge to please others and to ensure that they are happier, took a toll on me because that became my sole focus. This bled over into my work as well and the demands and expectations of others weighed more heavily on me because I not only felt their expectations but enforced it on myself as well (Talk about a double whammy!)

I found myself giving, and giving, and giving, and bending over backwards to please, but I was doing so from a place of frustration.  I learned that I wasn’t giving because I wanted to, but because I felt I was being forced to.  Giving from a place of joy brings more joy, because whatever you send out multiplies, and I was multiplying my own frustration and anger at feeling powerless.

One of the biggest signs of clues to understanding whether you’re sticking within your boundaries is to check how you feel.  Are you doing or giving with joy, an open heart, and a happy attitude? Or are you feeling trapped, angry, frustrated, or violated? If the latter describes your state of being at the very time of giving, you shouldn’t give.  Feeling negatively is just one way you’re letting yourself know that it’s time to start honoring your own needs and that there’s imbalance in the give/take of energy.

Setting Boundaries

We all have boundaries tucked away in our ‘inner cupboards’ somewhere, hidden away where they hardly ever see the light of day.  I found myself digging mine out and dusting them off to have a fresh look at how I would like to live my life and what I need in order to feel better about where I’m at and what I’m doing.

Setting a boundary can be as simple as just learning to say No.  This is such a basic principle that it works in pretty much any area of life. Relationships, money, work, family, all you need to do is say No and give yourself permission to do so.

What I’m trying to share is that if you’re unhappy and finding yourself in that frustrated or depressed place, look at your boundaries and whether you’re truly honoring them.  If not, make a few changes and see how it changes the way you feel.  For me, this particular realization was a huge eye opener, because I believed that, on some level, I am meant to be giving the way I was.  It brings to mind the saying “One cannot serve from an empty vessel”.  If your own boundaries are honored, and your own vessel is full, there will be more than enough to serve not only yourself, but others as well.






Rune Readings and Spirit’s Sense of Humor

IMAG0096  It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post and I felt it’s high time I started to post most often. This is after all my way of connecting and communicating with all of you who visit the site and show an interest in me and what I do. Thank you for being here and for taking the time to have a peek into my world!

  This morning was an eventful one and I managed to get quite a lot done, including preparing the materials for my May special (which happens to be a rune reading, or am I letting the cat out of the bag a little?) If so, forgive me.  I was having my morning cup of coffee when I realized that it’s nearly time to decide on what I’ll be offering both as my monthly special and as a monthly competition/giveaway.  My bag of runes had been put aside for a while as it’s a tool I most often use to read for myself – I’ve never used it for professional purposes because I felt the energy was somehow different and more intense than the tarot or angel card readings.

I have been drawn to offering a rune reading for some time now and this morning, I thought “Should I offer one for the month of May?”, when my inner voice/Spirit spoke up and said “If you can find them, go for it!” (followed by a hearty laugh)  The fact is my runes actually went missing for a while and no matter where I looked or where I searched I just could not find them and Spirit was having a grand time reminding me!

IMAG0093I decided to have a laugh about it and then looked under my desk, on top of the set of drawers, and there it was, my bag of runes was practically staring me in the face.  The fact that they had appeared again was a sure sign that things had to be a little different for the coming month so I’ve dusted them off, meditated with them for a while, and decided to make them part of my May special.

So here we are, my runes and I and we’re getting ready to kick off the month of May with a bang!  I hope you’ll enjoy the runes as much as I am and have over the years and it’ll be an honor to share this with you all.

So far this morning has reminded me that not all spiritual matters have to be serious, and that Spirit does have a sense of humor (if we’re willing to listen and understand) and I’ve been reunited with my bag of runes…it’s gotta be a good sign!


How do Angel Readings Work?

messages from your angelsThe month of March has kicked off with a new special: “Messages from your Angels”, and I’ve since received a few questions regarding what this type of reading really is, how it works, and who I communicate with in order to complete the reading. Let’s delve into how angel readings are done and I’ll answer some of the most common questions I’ve received to help shed some light on this very special reading type.

What is an Angel Reading?

Angel readings can be similar to tarot readings in the sense that the reader will use a special deck of angel cards, shuffle the deck, set the intent or ask for guidance from the angels or your guides, and then proceed to lay out a spread and interpret the messages and topics within the spread. The nature of an angel card reading is often far more uplifting and empowering than a traditional tarot or psychic reading because it works with guidance from your angels instead of using the purely the sixth sense or intuition.

The spread used will vary from one reader to the next and some may use a simple three card spread (as is the case with the ‘Messages from your Angels’ reading) or may use a far more elaborate spread and only allow the Angels to signal when to stop drawing cards. The spread used determines how the spread is interpreted and it may or may not include predictive work.

Predictive work means it answers questions relating to the future, ie: “Will my relationship last” or “Am I going to get the job I applied for?”.  My focus with the ‘Messages from your Angels’ reading is purely to provide insight and guidance from your Angels in order to help you deal with your current situation in the best possible manner.  The correct questions to ask for a reading of this nature would be: “How should I deal with the changes at work?“, or “What can I do to heal my relationship?” etc.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are ‘My Angels’? Are they loved ones who have crossed over?

A: No.  Usually an Angel reading focuses on delivering messages from your Angels and not departed loved ones.  I do not offer mediumship readings,  because I am not able to connect to those in spirit in order to relay specific messages or information on command. On occasion, someone may come through prior to a reading and then I share the information with you, but that is not what this reading type is about.

Q: How do you get your information for an Angel reading?

A: It works in much the same way as a tarot reading, in the sense that the cards are laid out and then interpreted with the help or assistance of your angels. Exactly what is shared is at the discretion of the psychic doing the reading and his or her interpretation of the spread.

Q: Does the information actually come from a higher source? How can you tell the difference?

A: If you’re sensitive to energy, which I am, it’s easy to identify lower vibrations.  For one, I set the intent to work with high vibrational entities such as spirit guides and Angels so that is whom I connect with when I do these sort of readings. I can easily sense low energy and shield immediately if needed.

Q: Do the Angels know my future? Can they predict what will happen?

A: The angels can see ahead but it’s much the same as with a regular psychic or tarot reading. The angels cannot influence your free will or make you do certain things, so they advise and guide you towards what will be for your highest good in times ahead. Ultimately you create your reality one step at a time by choices you make in the present; not even the angels can do that for you (though they can assist and guide you during the process).

Angel readings are very uplifting, empowering, and encouraging because they come from a place of absolute love.  This reading type is one to use for situations where encouragement or advice on how to proceed is needed and also allows your Angels to take a more active part in your day to day life.  Your Angels are always at your side, but they only intervene or assist when asked to do so. So, if in doubt, ask your Angels and they’ll be there to assist.  If you’re in need of deeper insight or more direct messages as to what the problem might be, or how to resolve a situation, an angel reading is the way to go.



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Angel Card of the Day: Vegetarian/Vegan from the Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Deck

When this card comes up for you, you’ve more likely than not already received a message from your guardian angels to increase your intake of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables.  See this message as a request to respect and honor your body (and spirit) by eating or drinking food or liquids that vibrate on a higher level.

Organic fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are free of chemicals such as additives, preservatives, or pesticides.  When you receive this message, it’s often a sign of the Universal Law of Attraction guiding you to eat foods that mirror your spiritual path or destiny.

If you struggle with healthier or vegetarian diets, you could call on your angels for help and ask them to make the experience a pleasant one for you.  Organic foods can also be more expensive so ask the angels to help you afford this dietary change so that you’re able to buy only the best produce.

A diet that is high in fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds, and nuts can help to increase psychic sensitivity and clarity. You may also be more sensitive to energy, or able to sense energy more easily. If you find you’re too sensitive, ask the angels to guide you towards gentler situations, people, and relationships to make the experience more enjoyable energetically.

Call upon Archangel Raphael to help adjust your appetite and to stop any cravings for foods that are not for your greatest good. Make clear your intention to let go of any unhealthy attachments to food or unhealthy substances and that you are ready to honor your health and spirit by making better choices. Ask that your dietary choices be guided by the angels so that they are not only good for you but also of a high energetic quality and filled with life force energy.

Need personalized guidance or answers on a specific person or situation? Book your readings via the services section and get it delivered via email, phone, skype, or whatsapp. Please note: If you need my personal attention, the reading must be paid for according to the booking length or number of questions asked. Personalized readings are not free.

Vegetarian/Vegan card from the Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Deck

Vegetarian/Vegan card from the Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Deck