Understanding Psychic Abilities: Clairvoyance Explained

Clairvoyance is one of the best known psychic abilities and yet there’s still some misconception as to how it happens, how psychics experience it, and what clairvoyant imagery means. Find out what clairvoyance is, how it works, and what to expect when you have a reading with a psychic who is also clairvoyant. View full post on Atell Rohlandt – EzineArticles Expert Author

Angel Card of the Day: Vegetarian/Vegan from the Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Deck

When this card comes up for you, you’ve more likely than not already received a message from your guardian angels to increase your intake of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables.  See this message as a request to respect and honor your body (and spirit) by eating or drinking food or liquids that vibrate on a higher level.

Organic fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are free of chemicals such as additives, preservatives, or pesticides.  When you receive this message, it’s often a sign of the Universal Law of Attraction guiding you to eat foods that mirror your spiritual path or destiny.

If you struggle with healthier or vegetarian diets, you could call on your angels for help and ask them to make the experience a pleasant one for you.  Organic foods can also be more expensive so ask the angels to help you afford this dietary change so that you’re able to buy only the best produce.

A diet that is high in fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds, and nuts can help to increase psychic sensitivity and clarity. You may also be more sensitive to energy, or able to sense energy more easily. If you find you’re too sensitive, ask the angels to guide you towards gentler situations, people, and relationships to make the experience more enjoyable energetically.

Call upon Archangel Raphael to help adjust your appetite and to stop any cravings for foods that are not for your greatest good. Make clear your intention to let go of any unhealthy attachments to food or unhealthy substances and that you are ready to honor your health and spirit by making better choices. Ask that your dietary choices be guided by the angels so that they are not only good for you but also of a high energetic quality and filled with life force energy.

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Vegetarian/Vegan card from the Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Deck

Vegetarian/Vegan card from the Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Deck

Angel Card of the Day ~ Visualize Success from the Angel Therapy Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue.

'visualize success' angel cardI felt the urge to share an angel card today and its’ message relates to the power of positive visualization and affirmations. When this card appears in a reading, it’s a sign to start focusing on what we want to see happen while letting go of the fear or the anxiety about ‘how’ it’s going to manifest, or the finer details. Part of the message of this card is to let the details in the hands of a higher power while believing in and visualizing your outcome with faith and confidence.

The message of this card ties in closely with the Law of Attraction and it’s also a sign that the Angels want to boost your confidence and self belief in a situation. Success is yours for the taking as long as you have a firm vision of your outcome and have faith in it manifesting.

Positive action is the seed of all change, but positive thought, visualization and speech, both pave the way for change and provides the momentum that keeps us pushing ahead. Remember that our Angels are always with us and standing at the ready to assist.

If you have a goal you’re working towards, a dream you want to realize, or a situation you hope to see positive change in, consider the power of your thoughts, words, beliefs, and focus. It all carries the power to alter your outcome, and with it, the measure of your success.


Angel Card of the Day ~ Manifestation Power ~

angel card manifestation powerThis card is from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards Deck by Doreen Virtue.  If this comes up for you, consider this  the time to use your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to get what you want. This wonderful and empowering message reminds us that we already have what we need to succeed, all we must do is use it.

During times where we feel helpless or at the mercy of others, this card serves to remind us that we all have inner power and we are all powerful beings of light. Have you been feeling disheartened by something or someone recently? Have you been complaining about something yet felt powerless to change it? It’s time to take back your personal power by changing those negative affirmations into positive ones.   Start visualizing and believing in the outcome you want to help it manifest.


Crystal of the Day ~ from The Crystal Deck ~ Moldavite


Healing properties: This stone works with all aspects of disease and works in a very subtle way. It helps pin point the source and is often used in diagnostic work. It’s particularly helpful with the emotional causes of physical illnesses.

Divinatory meaning: It’s time to appreciate the good things in your life and to appreciate what you already have while planning ahead to change those things that hold you back from reaching your full potential.


Rune of the Day ~ Yr or ‘Yew’.

IMAG2002The Northern people greatly valued the Yew and it’s wood, because it was used to make longbows. These bows enabled them to hunt and to protect their families. The tree also had mystical significance or associations because it was a symbol of death and rebirth. This is why it’s often found in many cemeteries (even to this day). The tree is also believed to help guide the souls of the departed onwards towards the Other Side.

The rune Yr is positive when it appears in a reading. It shows a goal within reach and that the querent is able to achieve what he or she set his or her mind to, assuming they keep their focus (steady aim). This rune may also symbolize the opportunity to strengthen one’s self and to enter a time of safety. The yew tree is incredibly strong yet flexible and can be seen as a symbol of resilience and inner strength. Yr is a sign of a way out or a solution to any dilemma as long as the correct course of action is taken.

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