Atell Psychic Tarot Card of the Day: 8 of Cups

Today’s tarot card of the day is the eight of cups. This card feels like a reminder that if you find yourself not quite feeling the same about something or someone, there is usually a reason for it. Instead of finding the fault with yourself, or wondering what you have done to bring about this change, start by looking at the situation or relationship. When exactly did your feelings start to change and what happened immediately prior? The events immediately prior to these changes are the reasons why you’re feeling the way you do.

If necessary, give yourself permission to get some space from this person or situation, even if it’s for a few days so you can think things through quietly and figure out your true feelings and/or desires. Sometimes taking stock of a situation when our feelings about/towards it change can be helpful in finding our way forward and could also help us make positive changes or find new approaches to old issues.

Atell Psychic Tarot Card of the Day: Two of Cups

Today’s tarot card of the day is the two of cups. All in all this is a very encouraging relationship card or symbol, and it encourages us to use the relationships in our lives to either make our lives or those we love a little better. A relationship is like a bank account, in a sense, you put effort and care into it, and then at certain times, you are able to withdraw from that balance in the form of love and support from the ones you care for. So it’s a give and take kind of energy and if you need support today, make time for someone you care about and allow them to give you the support and understanding you need.

Relationships tend to flourish under this energy and if you’re wanting to get closer to someone special, today is a good day to invest the time and energy into catching their eye or getting their attention. Go ahead, be romantic, make that gesture of love, or show them that you care by organizing some quality time together or something fun for you to do as a couple.

Romance is still very much alive these days and couples can tap into that energy by making the time for one another. One of the wonderful things about the two of cups is that it not only celebrates new relationships but also those loves that have stood the test of time, those comfortable, warm, and predictable relationships that often don’t get the credit they deserve. Show your partner that you care and that they matter to you today and you’re sure to reap the rewards.

Atell Psychic Tarot Card of the Day: Five of Cups

Today’s tarot card of the day is the five of cups. This is a challenging energy to work with because it demands a positive approach and decisive and empowered action. Emotions may be running high today because usually the topics this card touches on all touch on matters of the heart or how we feel about things.  Today, you may find yourself having to make a choice, and if so, focus on what positive changes this could bring to you.

All too often, we tend to focus on what we could lose or what we could be leaving behind when the five of cups comes up. The trick is to focus on what you could be gaining by making this choice or by taking this leap of faith. Sometimes when we let go, we create much needed space for something new and better to enter, so whatever your decision or situation, focus on the arrival of something new once you make that next move and it’ll make it easier to take that leap of faith or to do what you need to do today.

Atell Psychic Tarot Card of the Day: The Wheel of Fortune

Today’s card of the day is the Wheel of fortune. This card brings with it an energy of the unexpected but often destined events that help determine the direction we take.  So today may bring events that come out of the blue or news that may be surprising but whatever this is or whatever form it takes, roll with it.

Usually these events bring some form of momentum so allow that momentum to carry you forward, even if you don’t understand why things are happening the way they are. The trick is to manage your perspective and attitude, so that you turn this into an opportunity. Your attitude ultimately determine where today takes you and what you are able to make of the opportunities brought your way.

With the Wheel of fortune, there’s always method behind the madness, and while for some individuals this can be an incredibly lucky turn of events, (like meeting the love of your life at a bus stop) for others it might be a blessing in disguise that only shows its’ true value in hindsight (like getting let go from a job you thought you needed but didn’t enjoy). Attitude is everything today, embrace and accept the unexpected and be as flexible as possible. If you do, today may surprise you and help align you with some of the things meant for you.