Crystal Healing Services

Atell is a trained crystal healer and is able to perform crystal healing sessions both in person and remotely.  Crystals emit healing vibrations that combine beautifully with distance Reiki and this forms the basis for distance crystal healing treatments.  The inclusion of healing stones help amplify and focus the energy and the intent of the session.


Crystal Activation and Programming – $20.00

This service includes the remote activation and programming of a crystal of your choice. It’s useful in situations where someone may purchase a crystal but is unable to activate or program it. Atell will activate the crystal, dedicate it, and program it to assist with the healing process.
Activation, dedication and programming helps focus the healing energies of your chosen crystal and also helps you get the best possible results when working with a crystal. Once the crystal has been activated, dedicated and programmed, Atell will be in touch via email to confirm the service has been completed.
Atell will need the following to complete the service: the name of the crystal (ie rose quartz or carnelian etc) and an image of the crystal.

crystal communication

Crystal Communication – $30.00

This service includes activation, dedication, and communication with a crystal of your choice. Atell connects with it energetically in order to communicate with it. It’s a great service for anyone who has felt intuitively drawn to a particular stone without understanding why. We are often drawn to the crystals we need, but understanding what exactly it is the stone means to help you with, and what should be done with it can help us get the most out of the healing process.

The service answers questions such as:

• What is this crystal meant to help me with?
• How should I work with this crystal?
• Is there anything the crystal wants me to know?

Atell will need the name of the crystal and a picture of the crystal to complete the service. She will be in touch via email after the session is completed to share any information she received during the communication. The crystal communication session may also be recorded and emailed as a sound file.


Mini Crystal Healing Session – $25.00

The mini crystal healing session focuses on the channeling of crystal energy combined with distance Reiki to the client for 15 minutes. A brief email consultation is done before the session to assess any issues or problems as well as to arrange a date and time for the session, and Atell will then choose an appropriate crystal for the treatment. The crystal used will come from her collection of crystals used for healing. The session is done remotely. Upon completion, an email will be sent along with an image of the crystal used.

remote crystal healing session chakra balancing

Full Crystal Healing Session – $60.00

This distance healing session includes the healing energies of multiple crystals and Atell completes the session exactly the same way she would perform an in-person session. A brief email consultation will be done to assess which energies are needed and where there may be energetic imbalances and she will then choose the crystals for the treatment accordingly.

This treatment includes the following:

• Distance Reiki energy combined with the healing energy of crystals.
• Clearing treatment to clear the aura
• Treatment to balance and open the chakras
• Treatment to build and strengthen the chakras
• The removal of energetic blockages, chords, or attachments
• Sealing of the aura

An email will be sent t acknowledge the completion of the session along with images of the  stones used during the treatment.