Q1: Do you have to know me personally to do a reading for me?

No, In fact, I prefer to read for clients that I do not know or do not have a personal relationship with. It makes it easier to offer objective insight and advice.

Q2: Are readings done in person, or do I have to visit you for a reading?

I offer readings via email, chat, and phone, so we do not have to be in the same room to connect spiritually.  Distance makes no difference to the connection between us, but I do prefer to hear a client’s voice if possible, and this is why I prefer phone or Skype audio readings.

Q3: Are you psychic?

Yes I am, but I prefer the term intuitive rather than psychic.  I am claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant.

Q4: Are you a medium?

I am able to sense the presence of spirits and often see them, but I am not able to communicate at will with those who have crossed over.  I do receive information on occasion from Spirit before a scheduled session but do not market myself as a medium or offer mediumship services.

Q5: How accurate are you?

It depends. There is really no definite answer to this question, because each client, situation and reading is different.  Accuracy depends on the connection and so it varies from person to person. Feel free to have a look at my review section to get an idea of how others have experienced their readings with me. Be aware of readers that claim to have a 100% accuracy rate.

Q6: Do you do spells?

No.  When clients request spells it’s usually to force an ex to return or to do something that influences the free will of another. This is why I do not offer spell casting services.  Spells, and other rituals are often used as an excuse by less than scrupulous readers to ask for higher fees or to extract larger sums of money from vulnerable clients.

Q7:  Can you make my ex come back to me?

No, and please don’t ask for this service. When a relationship ends, it happens for a reason, but I am able to advise you on how to handle the situation and what to expect from him/her. I will not attempt to interfere with the free will of another or force someone to return to an ex lover.

Q8: Are there any topics you refuse to read on?

I read on most areas of life, but life expectancy, health (including mental health), are areas I’m not comfortable reading on. I always advise clients to get professional help when their concerns cover those areas. I will also not give people numbers for the lottery.

Q9: Do you just tell clients what they want to hear?

I do not sugar coat or believe in giving clients false hope. It’s not helpful to myself or the client to bend the truth of what’s shown. With that said, I do share the information I receive in a caring way and do what I can to empower the client. If an outcome can be changed, I’ll offer advice on how to help turn things around for the better.

Q10: What information do you need to read for me?

I will ask you for your full name and date of birth along with your questions. I may also ask for a name and/or date of birth of any third parties you want me to connect with.

Q11:  Do I need to ask you specific questions?

It’s helpful if you do.  I’ve had clients contact me for general reading when what they really expect is to have their minds read. I’m not telepathic so I cannot draw specific questions from your mind.  When asking for a general reading my guides often bring up things that are important at the time but that may seem unrelated. So don’t hesitate to ask questions, because it just streamlines your reading. If you come prepared with a list of specific questions, it just enables me to deliver the information you need in a precise and timely fashion, which then frees up time for additional questions you may have.

Q12: How much do you charge for a reading?

Reading rates are listed on my ‘services’ page, so if you’re interested in a reading, navigate to that page to see what’s on offer.

Q13: Can I have a free reading?

I am a professional like any other and have spent years developing and honing the skills and abilities I posses today.  This is why I ask my site visitors and clients to respect my time by not messaging, calling, or emailing for free readings.  I often post free oracle or tarot mini readings on the blog and those can be a helpful resource but for personalized readings on specific questions, it’s best to book an appointment. All phone, email, skype and whatsapp readings/appointments have to be paid for. Alternatively, visit the free questions page where you can submit a question. These questions are answered on an as and when basis, and published on the blog and social media accounts, so please read the terms and conditions on the related page.

Q14: Are the readings confidential?

Yes. I take my work seriously and the privacy of my clients is first and foremost. I do not share information regarding clients or the readings I perform for them.

Q15: Do I have to be over 18 to receive a reading?

Yes.  I only read for those over 18 years of age.

Q16: If I contact you for a reading, will you know everything about me?

No.  I am not all seeing or all knowing.  Performing a reading is very much like peeping through a keyhole.  I see or sense certain things, but I don’t see everything about you or everything from your past.  I can only relay what I sense or share what information I receive during a reading, and what I receive is often dependent on where the focus for the reading lies.  I may occasionally share additional information with you, but if that happens, rest assured Spirit has a reason for it.

Q17: I’ve lost my email reading. Can you resend it?

On occasion, I may be able to resend an email reading, provided it’s still saved in my email client.  The host I use does not save email readings on the server, so once my inbox has been cleared, there’s nothing I can do to retrieve the reading. It is best to store or save copies of the readings you receive for future reference.

Q18: Do you offer a recording service for phone readings?

I used to but due to time and internet constraints I’ve had to discontinue offering a recording service.  You are free, however, to use recording software on your side of the call to keep a record. Please see the terms on recording a reading as well.

Q19: Am I allowed to record my phone or skype reading?

Yes, provided that the recording is purely for personal purposes. Reading recordings may not be shared, posted, or distributed without my written consent to do so.

Q20: The recording for my phone reading didn’t work. Can you send me an email summary?

It’s best to keep a pen and paper handy just in case there are technical issues with your recording, because I cannot send out summaries. After a phone reading, it can be difficult for me to recall everything that was said, especially if other sessions followed yours.

Q21: Are the number of questions of phone/Skype readings really unlimited?

Yes, provided there is enough time to focus on what you’re asking.  Let’s say someone books a 15 minute reading and has 10 different questions on different areas of life, they won’t have enough time to cover it all.  Always consider the booking length and allow around 5 minutes for each question.

Q22: Why was our session ended because of another call?

Due to availability, phone and Skype readings are often booked with a few minutes between each appointment.  If you’re on a Skype or Phone call with me and I receive my next call, it’s a sign that we have already exceeded your appointment length and that my next client is calling in. It is best to book a longer session when you feel you’ll need more time. Clients are free to use a timer or to keep track of the reading length on their end as well, as we take all necessary measures to ensure clients receive the time they booked.

Q23: Can I book an hour session and split it into four 15 minute or two 30 minute sessions?

The hour session is discounted (and offers the best per-minute rate) because it means spending a full hour with me.  I get more time to connect with you and this often translates into a session that is less taxing for me.  Splitting an hour into shorter sessions, does not only mean a much faster reading pace, but it also means additional minutes added to the hour for every session.

If you book an hour session and only use 30 minutes, my assistant will deduct the cost of a half hour reading from the original amount. ($90 – $55 = $35) We will keep a record of any funds that are left over, and this can be used towards your next reading. The same principle applies should you book an hour and only use 15 minutes etc.

Q24: I booked an email reading, but all my questions were not answered. Why?

Email readings are offered on a per-question basis, so each email booking is intended to answer a specific number of questions. This is true even if all questions asked relate to the same topic. This is also why email readings are more affordable.

Let’s have a look at what might happen when someone sends in questions:

Question 1. I want to know about my career. I’m not getting on with a coworker and I am hoping she’ll leave. Will she? I heard she may going to another part of the country, so I’m wondering, will this be a permanent move for her? My boss is also very demanding and I feel I deserve a raise for the additional work I’m doing, will I get it? There’s this guy I like at work, and he’s been sending me flirty emails, should I respond?

Question 2. I am looking for love and am currently seeing John. I want to know does this relationship have long term potential? My neighbour has also been showing interest and asked me out for coffee on Tuesday, should I go? What are his intentions? Is it worth it to even consider seeing him romantically?

The example above lists 8 questions in total:

  1. I’m not getting on with a coworker and I am hoping she’ll leave. Will she?
  2. Will this be a permanent move for her?
  3. I feel I deserve a raise for the additional work I’m doing, will I get it?
  4. There’s this guy I like at work, and he’s been sending me flirty emails, should I respond?
  5. I am looking for love and am currently seeing John. I want to know does this relationship have long term potential?
  6. My neighbour has also been showing interest and asked me out for coffee on Tuesday, should I go?
  7. What are his intentions?
  8. Is it worth it to even consider seeing him romantically?

What I tend to do in situations such as these, is to answer the first question under each listed number or heading, like so:

  1. I’m not getting on with a coworker and I am hoping she’ll leave. Will she?
  2. I am looking for love and am currently seeing John. I want to know does this relationship have long term potential?

This is why it is important to consider the questions carefully. If you are on a budget, Ask yourself, “what is it that I really need to know” and then list those questions.  Multiple email readings can be booked to answer a greater number of questions.  The example listed above can be fully explored with two 4-question email readings.

Q25: I ordered a reading and paid via Paypal but haven’t heard back. Why haven’t I heard from you?

The online booking system sends out automatic confirmations for appointments. If you are not getting the emails, please check your junk/spam folder. If you still havent received anything, please email us or call/whatsapp us on +27 812159357. We have had ongoing issues sending emails to Yahoo and AOL email addresses, so if you are using an email address from one of those providers, you may not receive mail we send you.  If possible, contact us from another email address or make contact directly via whatsapp, phone, or skype to speed up the process.

Q26: I am not satisfied with the reading. Can I get a refund?

Atell’s refund policy is as follows:

Readings will not be refunded once the session is complete. When booking a reading, you are paying Atell for her time and energy. Once a reading is complete, there is no way for her to recover the time, focus and energy spent on the reading. Atell will always deliver the service as described, and will answer the number of questions you paid for (email readings) or give you the time you booked (phone and skype readings). She cannot guarantee that you will agree with what she has shared with you. It is her duty to share her impressions with you, whatever they may be.

If you feel you are not properly connected, during a phone or skype reading, you should let Atell know immediately while you are speaking. Should this occur within the first 1/4 of the reading, she’ll consider a refund. Once the call ends, the service is considered complete.

Email readings are considered complete once they are delivered and a refund will not be given for any reason. If you have a concern regarding a completed email reading, you are encouraged to let us know within 48 hours of the completed reading.

Q27: Do you offer an accuracy guarantee?

No. Psychic readings or divinatory services rely on the reception and interpretation of subtle energies and symbolism. The quality of the connection can and will differ from client to client.  The rate you pay when booking a reading is to compensate me for the time and energy I spend to receive and relay whatever information I receive.  I cannot get that time or energy back once a reading is complete. The only guarantee I can and do make is that I’ll give you the best answers I can, based on what I receive.

Q28: What are Emergency appointments?

Emergency appointments are bookings that are scheduled within 24 hours and outside of my normal working hours (subject to scheduler limits) . They are for emergency situations where someone needs assistance urgently. These readings are more expensive but also take priority over standard readings and offer a much faster turnaround time.

Q29: If I want to extend my existing booking at short notice, does that count as an emergency booking?

Yes. Any booking that takes place within 24 hours needs to be booked manually and qualifies as an emergency service. If you would like to extend your existing appointment at short notice, please contact us so we can process the booking manually.

Q30: My email reading is urgent, when will I receive it?

If you ordered an emergency/priority email reading, you should receive a response within 24 hours on working days (Mondays to Fridays GMT+2). If you ordered a standard email reading, delivery times are longer.

The delivery times on standard email readings is within 48-72 hours on working days (monday to friday GMT+2). This means that if you order the reading and send in your questions at 1pm Monday, you will receive it before 1pm Thursday. Likewise, if you order 5pm Friday, you will have received the reading by 5pm Wednesday.

Q31: Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal (credit card, debit card, or Paypal balance) and EFT. EFT payments are used for South African clients who do not have access to or prefer not to use a Paypal account. We do not accept money orders, cheques by mail, paypal eChecks, or payments methods other than the ones listed above.

Q32: Why do you not accept Paypal echecks?

While Paypal itself is a very convenient and safe payment method to use, eChecks come with a clearing period that often delay the delivery of a reading. We have also had instances where eChecks bounced or where there were issues with a payment after the service had been completed. For that reason, we now refund eChecks and request a regular paypal payment.

Q33: How do Whatsapp Readings work?

Whatsapp readings can be delivered in one of two ways: The reading can be done in real time, using the voice or text chat function, or it can be used in the same way as an email reading where you send through your questions and I send back an answer within a specified time (depending on the reading type). Emergency readings are delivered within 24 hours on working days, standard readings are delivered 48-72 hours on working days Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm GMT+2.

Q34: I sent you a whatsapp message, but haven’t received a response?

There are a few reasons why a whatsapp message might not be answered immediately, or at all on some occasions. Did you contact us on a Saturday or Sunday? My working days are Mondays to Fridays and enquiries sent in over a weekend are answered on Mondays. Did you contact us during working hours? My working hours are 8am to 5pm GMT+2, which puts us roughly 6 hours ahead of EST. Did you allow enough time for a response? While whatsapp messages are instant, replies often are not. The account we used is on a computer, not a phone, so messages are not received or replied to instantly. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response on working days. Sending in multiple messages, prompts, question marks etc will not speed up the response time. Are you trying to get a free reading? Messages with the sole intent to press for a free reading will not be answered. Have you willfully wasted my assistant’s time or became abusive via Whatsapp on previous occasions? If so, you may have been blocked.

Q35: I want to speak to you directly, how do I bypass your assistant?

All enquiries work through my assistant, Barry. He handles all phone calls, emails, skype and whatsapp messages. The only way to speak to me directly is to have a booking on the system so we can connect at the appointed time via the appointed method, or to order an email reading so I can respond to your concerns. None of the enquiry contact methods connect to me directly, so if you have an urgent or serious concern, the best course of action is to book a reading.

Q36: Why do you not include follow up questions in email readings?

A: Free follow up questions is not something that every reader does, but those that do often charge a lot more. My main aim with email readings is to keep it as affordable as possible. This means not automatically charging for something someone might not even need. Not everyone has the need to follow up after an email reading and many clients are budget conscious. This is why I charge per question, regardless of whether it relates to the same topic as a previous reading.

Q37: Can you make predictions years into the future?

No. There are a few reasons why I work within a 12 month scope when doing predictive work. The first is that the further out we go, the more fluid things tend to become. The second is that questions that ask for predictions that far ahead tend to want to place responsibility with the reader or the Universe. If someone is told that something will happen in five years, they tend to take less responsibility for that outcome. I prefer to empower my clients and affirm their right to choose and adjust their course if the direction of things isn’t to their liking. I am NOT able to predict the final outcomes of situations if it doesn’t show within the scope that I am able to see ie, 12 months ahead.

Another reason why asking for predictions years ahead is a little redundant is because time frames themselves are fluid or subjective. For some clients, a 12 month spread plays out in a matter of days or weeks, while for others it takes years. So ultimately, if we go outside of that framework, absolutely anything could happen.

Asking me what will happen in two, three, or five years won’t work, because I won’t be able to say. The same applies with questions that end in ‘eventually?‘, ‘in the end?’, or ‘someday?‘. So when asking me for predictions, expect a maximum  predictive period of 12 months, broken into 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 month time frames.

Q40: Why am I not getting appointment confirmations/reminders?

A: The online booking system sends out confirmation after a session is booked and also sends out reminders prior to the session. If you are not receiving the emails, please check your junk or spam folder. If it’s in there, please mark the emails as ‘safe’ so that they go to your inbox in future.

Q41: Why can’t I reschedule my session?

A: The most common reason for this is that someone tries to reschedule their session with less than 24 hours to go before the appointment time. The system is set so that you are able to reschedule appointments yourself until 24 hours prior to your appointment. Reschedules within that time period have to be done manually, so please contact us.

Q42: Can I have a same-day appointment?

A:  We are no longer able to offer same-day standard bookings. There is a minimum 24-hour waiting period for standard readings. If you require urgent assistance, please consider an emergency reading. These are offered at a higher rate but take priority over standard appointments. These readings are scheduled and completed within 24 hours, or same day on working days (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT+2).

Q43: I am having problems with my/do not have a Paypal account. Can you process my credit card?

A: No. We use Paypal for all transactions. Please do not send us your credit card details; we won’t be able to use it.

Q44: Why did you refuse/refund my booking?

A: When a reading fee or booking gets refunded there is always a reason for it. In most instances, we’ll leave a short message in the Paypal notes section explaining why. We Also reserve the right to exclude anyone from using the site’s services without further notice. The reasons for this include but are not limited to: abusive, disrespectful or argumentative behavior towards myself or my assistant, repeated attempts to obtain additional services for free, or a blatant disregard for our terms of service. I reserve the right to refuse a reading or to continue working with a client for any reason and this includes situations where I believe working with a client is not in my or their best interest.

Q45: I booked a standard appointment, can you move it forward so I can have the reading now/in a few hours/later today?

A: It depends on when you would like to have the reading. If the new time/date you have in mind is 24 hours or more in the future, you are able to reschedule it yourself using the online scheduler. If the time/date you would like to move it to is less than 24 hours ahead, you would need an emergency reading. Standard bookings cannot be moved into emergency slots. If you need urgent assistance and would like to utilize a standard booking, you would need to pay in the difference and have us convert it to an emergency appointment manually. Alternatively, you can also keep the standard appointment for use in future and book an emergency session.

Q46: I don’t need a reading, but I just want you to interpret this spread I did/my friend/another reader did for me earlier?

If you need my professional opinion it will mean booking a session. I will then do a spread of my own and use the impressions I receive to advise you. I do not read on spreads done by other individuals (including yourself) at other times. Often the decks used are not the same as mine, the spreads aren’t always familiar to me, and it still takes my time and energy to decipher what shows. If you or someone else did the spread, it’s your or their responsibility to interpret it.