How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading Online

IMAG1907Having a tarot reading online can be as simple as visiting a site and clicking a button or two to connect to a reader in instant chat or via the phone, but have you ever thought about how to prepare for a reading and how to ensure you choose the best possible reader and reading delivery method? Below I’ll walk you through a few things you should do before getting a reading done online and these tips will get you off to a great start and ensure you have the best experience possible, every time.

Choosing an Advisor

The very first consideration should be whether you need to speak to a Tarot reader, an actual psychic, a medium, or someone who is a combination of the three.  At first glance it may seem as though these three terms really describe the same thing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A Tarot reader is someone who reads Tarot cards, and in its’ truest and most basic definition is someone who focuses on your past, present, and future using cards to decipher the influences, energies, and potential outcomes.  A Tarot reader will not be able to give you specific dates when events will occur but rather rough time frames.  A tarot reader will not give you initials, names, or be able to tell you whether someone will call rather than text or whether a specific conversation has already taken place etc. The information from a Tarot reading is more general but gives accurate insight and guidance into the influences and potential outcomes around a situation. Some Tarot readers have psychic abilities as well, but never assume that a Tarot reader will be able to give you a specific service if what you really need is a clairvoyant, for example.

A Psychic is someone who uses extra sensory abilities to receive information, and some psychics do use divination tools such as the Tarot, while others do not.  When choosing a psychic reader, consider your question.  Are you in need of descriptions or information that will require the gift of clairvoyance (clear seeing) or are you in need of something else like a date, time of day, or information regarding what someone said? For those questions someone who is claircognizant or telepathic should be able to give you answers.  So always consider the nature of your question and which psychic gift will be best suited to giving you the type of information you need.  Empaths  and clairsentience (clear sensing) will be able to tell you how someone feels and how they perceive a situation, which is very helpful in relationship readings.

A Medium is a type of psychic but not all psychics are mediums. Mediumship is a particular gift that allows a psychic to connect to and to communicate with souls that have crossed over.  It’s a common misconception that all psychics and Tarot readers communicate with souls on the other side, but only a medium, or someone who has the gift of mediumship will be able to relay messages for you from loved ones on the other side.

So, it’s easy to see that what at first seems to be a ‘Tarot reading’ may not be purely Tarot but rather a combination of the gifts and abilities the reader may (or may not) have.  Psychic ability combines beautifully with divination tools like the Tarot, so finding someone who has a combination of Tarot reading skills and psychic ability should give you a very well-rounded and insightful reading.

Questions to ask before a Tarot reading OnlineDelivery Methods

There are as many different ways to have a tarot reading online as there are tarot readers, so considering your schedule and how you’d like to have the reading done should be the next step. Tarot readings can be done in a number of ways and you may be able to choose between phone, instant messaging or chat readings, email readings, or even text readings.

Phone or voice readings (using software such as Skype) is in my opinion most effective and often times offer better value.  The client is able to communicate with the reader in real time and will be able to ask questions as they come up, so it offers the opportunity for a very in depth and detailed reading.

Instant messaging or chat readings can be as effective as phone readings, and are convenient in situations where a client can’t risk being overheard on the phone or can’t afford to call a reader.  The only downside to chat or instant messaging readings is that time constraints really come into play here.  A slow typing reader or client can slow a session down to a near halt and you most likely will need a longer session to get in as much information as you would during a phone reading. Fortunately, most professional readers who offer chat sessions are fast typists, and will continue to share information even when the client goes quiet or while they’re typing out a question.

Email readings are convenient in the sense that the reader can complete it in between other appointments and the client doesn’t have to meet the reader online or be available at a particular time to complete the reading. It usually works through email only, so the client emails in a question or two and the reader then completes the reading within the agreed timeframe and emails it back to the client. The downside to email readings is that there’s not the opportunity to ask clarifying questions as the reader charges for the services according to the amount of time he or she spends answering the original questions.  The client is also limited to a certain number of questions, in most cases.  In my experience, email readings can be accurate but if the client has followup questions or need clarification, it may mean purchasing another reading. This is true particularly is the rate for an email service is very low and are priced per question.

Text chat readings can be done in a number of ways and premium rate services and applications like Whatsapp are often used for this.  Text readings can be interactive because it allows the client to ask questions as the reading progresses, but may be charged per text message sent and received (if using a premium rate service) or may be charged according to time if it’s a pre paid session with an independent advisor.

Rates and Fees

When choosing a reader for your online tarot reading, consider the rates and fees charged for the service.  Most often cheap isn’t always best, so before opting for the cheapest reading you can find, research the reader to see whether they have been certified and how much professional experience they have.

Email reading are most often the more affordable service because they can be completed whenever the reader has time available, but as mentioned before, questions are often limited.  Phone readings can work on a per-minute basis or can be prepaid for blocks of time, for example 30 or 60 minutes.  Whatsapp and text chat readings can either be charged according to the number of texts or questions, or according to the length of the reading.

Duration of the Reading/Number of Questions

When getting a Tarot reading online, always consider the amount of time you’re able to spend with the reader.  Per-minute or prepaid services will limit your reading duration according to the amount of credit you have or how much you paid for the appointment.  If you have 5 minutes or less, one question will be answered and if your reader works very quickly, you may be able to ask a follow-up question.  If you have multiple questions on different areas of life, expect your reader to do multiple spreads. Doing multiple spreads tends to take a little time, so allow at least 10-15 minutes for two or three questions.

If possible, allow a little extra time for any followup questions you may have or clarification you may need while you’re speaking to the reader.  Sessions of 30 minutes or longer are ideal because they allow time for multiple spreads, multiple questions, and leave time for additional questions should they come up.

The quality of your reading depends on whether you allow the reader the time needed to do his or her work, so while it may be tempting to squeeze two or three questions into a 5-minute reading, it’s best not to.  It not only scatters the focus of the reading but also puts your reader under pressure, which may cause him or her to overlook or omit bits of information that may be important.

Having a tarot reading online can be a wonderful and insightful experience and if you follow the guidelines above, you should be able to find a reader that is a good fit for your situation and questions as well as a delivery method that works for you.  Having a positive experience is really in the research and if you take a few moments to look at your questions and the sort of guidance or information you need, finding the perfect reader becomes far easier.





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  1. I need a tarot reading as if I don’t no how it works you can let me know because I’m doing some psychic study so I need to open up my telepathy

  2. Hi Angela, thanks for your comment. I’ll be happy to read for you. Please visit the services section and select the service of your choice. Readings can be delivered via email, skype, whatsapp or phone.

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