January Specials: Preparing and Empowering You for 2018

This year has really started with a bang and this is the perfect time of year to get a glimpse of what to expect, the themes you’re likely to deal with for the year, and to get that one burning question answered for the year ahead.  This is what inspired the specials I’m offering for the month of January and these readings are geared towards empowering and preparing you for the year ahead. Not only is this month the beginning of a new and exciting year, but the 17th of January also marks the five-year anniversary for Atell Psychic Tarot!

This month, I’ll be offering a trio of specials and you’ll be able to book any one of these, a combination of them, or even all three for a discounted rate. These specials will be available for a limited time only and some of these I have never offered before (and may never offer again)…so the time to act is now.

12-Card 2018 Overview – $45

This reading is purely predictive and gives you an overview of the year ahead and which energies and potentials you’re likely to work with month by month.  The reading is a minimum of 1300 words and includes images of the cards drawn to help illustrate the influences and energies at work along with a prediction or description for each month. This reading will be general, unless you request I focus on a specific issue.

Basic Numerology – $15

This reading will tell you what this year is about numerologically in the general sense, and will then delve into what number this year is for you personally, based on your date of birth.  This will give you an overview of the numerological influences that apply to all of us, and what you can expect personally. Knowing how these influences interact can give you a handy reference for the year ahead, what to look for, how to prepare and how to act with confidence when these themes arise.  The reading is 300 words minimum and includes  the formula used to derive your personal year number.

Burning Question $15

This is a one-question email reading that focuses on a single specific question of your choice. The answer will be between 100 and 300 words and an image of the spread used will be included to help illustrate the energies and potentials you’re working with.

Reading Trio – 12-card Overview, Basic Numerology, and Burning Question $60

These readings are also available for booking via EFT at R450, R150 and R150 or a combined rate of R600 for all three.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Please allow a minimum of three working days for completion.
  • All the readings advertised above are delivered via email.
  • These readings cannot be exchanged for other services after booking.
  • This special is available for a limited time only: until midnight 31st January 2018 GMT +2
  • Discounts cannot be applied retroactively. If you need help booking, please contact us.

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