Rune of the Day ~ Yr or ‘Yew’.

IMAG2002The Northern people greatly valued the Yew and it’s wood, because it was used to make longbows. These bows enabled them to hunt and to protect their families. The tree also had mystical significance or associations because it was a symbol of death and rebirth. This is why it’s often found in many cemeteries (even to this day). The tree is also believed to help guide the souls of the departed onwards towards the Other Side.

The rune Yr is positive when it appears in a reading. It shows a goal within reach and that the querent is able to achieve what he or she set his or her mind to, assuming they keep their focus (steady aim). This rune may also symbolize the opportunity to strengthen one’s self and to enter a time of safety. The yew tree is incredibly strong yet flexible and can be seen as a symbol of resilience and inner strength. Yr is a sign of a way out or a solution to any dilemma as long as the correct course of action is taken.

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