Soul Portrait and Reading

Over time I have been asked questions like “Why am I experiencing this?”, “What am I supposed to do?”, or “What am I supposed to learn?”, and it is questions like these that have inspired the soul portrait and soul readings service.

The reading outlines your role in the situation you are asking about, and will tell you what it is you are meant to do or learn through that particular situation or experience. It will empower you to step into your full potential, to handle challenges with grace and compassion, and to allow yourself to grow to be all you can and should be.

This reading focuses on yourself, your purpose in a particular situation, and what it is you can do to help fulfill your true potential given the situation you’re in.  The reading itself is approximately 500 to 700 words in length and is accompanied by a digital soul portrait.  The portrait includes the visual or clairvoyant information I receive when I connect to you and helps represent the energies and potential you’re working with. The soul portrait to the left is an example of what one of these artworks could look like. Each soul portrait will be unique to the person receiving the reading.

This reading is delivered within 2-3 working days (Mondays to Fridays GMT+2) via email. Click here to book now.

Please note: This is not a divinatory reading and will not offer predictive information. It focuses on you and on the part of your life purpose you’re currently exploring.

Important: For this service, I require a clear picture of yourself (with your eyes clearly visible). This will be used to create your soul portrait. Once you have booked via Paypal, you will be forwarded to an information form that will allow you to attach a picture.


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