Atell Psychic Tarot: Free Relationship Reading

This is a free psychic tarot reading in response to a question submitted via the ‘submit a question’ page. Have a question of your own? Submit it here. … Continue reading

Atell Psychic Tarot Card of the Day: High Priestess

Today’s tarot card is the High Priestess. She’s asking you to listen and look for those subtle signs that guide you along your way. Your intuition and psychic senses are at an all-time high and today is the day to … Continue reading

Atell Psychic Tarot Card of the Day: Page of Cups

I have been getting good feedback about the video readings, but I have come to realize that free personalized readings offer value to one person only, whereas a card of the day has a greater impact and offers value to … Continue reading

Atell Psychic Tarot: Client Review 7 July 2016

“I have had 4 email readings done by Atell. She is very gifted! She was able to describe my situation with great accuracy. I have gone to other psychics, and have gotten what I thought were good readings, but Atells … Continue reading

~*~ Tarot Card for Thursday: Page of Swords ~*~

Thursday: Page of Swords The Page of Swords brings with her new ideas today and a sense of optimism and idealism. This is your time to look ahead and to think of new ways to put your ideas into practice. … Continue reading

Free Tarot Weekly Forecast ~*~ Tarot Card for Wednesday: Queen of Wands ~*~

  The Queen of wands comes up for today and she’s the perfect companion to yesterday’s fiery, masculine energy. For the ladies, this is a sign to step up and speak out, even if you might not always enjoy being … Continue reading

Free Tarot Weekly Forecast ~*~ Tarot Card for Tuesday: King of Wands ~*~

The King of wands comes up for Tuesday and is focuses heavily on both fiery and masculine energies. For men this could be an indication of having to be driven and passionate while still being diplomatic. Ensure that you conserve … Continue reading

Free Tarot Weekly Forecast ~*~ Tarot Card for Monday: The Sun ~*~

The bright and optimistic energy of the Sun ushers us into the new week. This is a sign of limitless potential and reminds us that even the smallest actions can bring about enormous growth and progress over time. This is … Continue reading

Angel Tarot: Free Online Reading

Two of the new decks I ordered arrived last week, so I’ve decided to use one of those, Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue, for today’s free online reading. This Tarot deck is very different to the traditional ones I’ve … Continue reading

Psychic Tarot and The Elements: Choose Your Card

It’s Monday and time for another free tarot or oracle reading. For this one, I’ve chosen the Psychic Tarot Deck by John Holland.  It’s similar to the Angel reading last week in the sense that this reading also associates each … Continue reading