Atell Psychic Tarot: November End-of-Month Specials

It’s that time again and to end this month with a bang, I’ve decided to bring out two options: 1: 20% off all standard appointments and all email/distance healing services: Use the code 20OFF, valid until the 1st of Dec 2017, to … Continue reading

Month-End Special: 20% Off All Services until 2nd of June 2017

Get 20% off all services until the 2nd of June by using the following coupon codes: SPECIAL20 (expires June 2, 2017) will get you 20% off any email reading or healing service of your choice. SPECIAL20A (expires June 2, 2017) … Continue reading

Atell Psychic Tarot Card of the Day: The Hierophant

Today’s tarot card of the day is the Hierophant. This card brings with it the opportunity for deep reflection and introspection, more specifically, the opportunity or reminder to consider the ‘whys’ behind our relationships and experiences. Are you puzzled as … Continue reading

Atell Psychic Tarot Card of the Day: 8 of Cups

Today’s tarot card of the day is the eight of cups. This card feels like a reminder that if you find yourself not quite feeling the same about something or someone, there is usually a reason for it. Instead of … Continue reading

Atell Psychic Tarot: Client Review 7 July 2016

“I have had 4 email readings done by Atell. She is very gifted! She was able to describe my situation with great accuracy. I have gone to other psychics, and have gotten what I thought were good readings, but Atells … Continue reading

Tarot Readings via Email @ Atell Psychic Tarot

Tarot readings via email are still available and are delivered within 24-48 hours, depending on the number of bookings for any given day. Rates start at $25 for two questions. Book yours online now, submit your questions once you have … Continue reading Latest Client Review ~ 30 September 2015

“Although I have read this hours ago, I am re-reading it again. Thank you for all your time today.  I know I gave you some work to do earlier and I appreciate all you do for me.  I honestly have … Continue reading

~*~ Tarot Card for Thursday: Page of Swords ~*~

Thursday: Page of Swords The Page of Swords brings with her new ideas today and a sense of optimism and idealism. This is your time to look ahead and to think of new ways to put your ideas into practice. … Continue reading

Free Tarot Weekly Forecast ~*~ Tarot Card for Tuesday: King of Wands ~*~

The King of wands comes up for Tuesday and is focuses heavily on both fiery and masculine energies. For men this could be an indication of having to be driven and passionate while still being diplomatic. Ensure that you conserve … Continue reading

Rider Waite Tarot: Pick Your Card for a Free Mini Tarot Reading

The Rider Waite is the deck most readers start with, because of its’ simple imagery and memorable associations; it is easy to read and also speaks to those who do not necessarily read Tarot themselves. The deck itself is a … Continue reading