Terms and Conditions

Using the Atell Psychic Tarot site and services, means you agree to and accept the following the terms and conditions.

You must be 18 or over to participate in a reading with Atell.

If you under any Medical treatment for psychiatric problems that could impair your decision to engage in a psychic and spiritual reading, Atell will need to evaluate and discuss whether the reading can continue.

Atell reserves the right to terminate the reading at any time if:

She feels a connection with a client has not been achieved.

She feels that the client is not psychologically responding positively and to carry on could cause harm to client.

If the client shows an aggressive or confrontational attitude, becomes highly irate or upset during the session, or swears, yells, or rants down the phone.

If a reading is terminated because of aggression, abuse, or ranting on part of the client, the booking will be considered forfeit and the session will not be rescheduled nor refunded. No fee will be paid if Atell terminates a reading due to lack of a connection and she will refund the booking fee.

Atell reserves the right to refuse a booking for any other reason. Should this happen, a refund will be given.


Atell does not do predictions regarding health (mental or physical) and does not read on life expectancy. Requests touching on these topics will be refused.

All information given by Atell, is given on the understanding that nothing is 100% certain. This is especially true with the subtle vibrations of psychic and spiritual connections where you and those around you have free will to change your path and outcomes.

The client will take full responsibility, being of sound mind, for accepting or not accepting any guidance given, predictions and spiritual communication.

All information is given for the client to use of their own free will and cannot substitute medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric advice.

Atell does not guarantee accuracy for any given reading, as the connection tends to differ from client to client. Paying for a reading means paying Atell for the time and energy spent, in order to relay her impressions on the questions asked.


Atell’s payment processes are fully secured using a 128-bit encryption payment gateway provided by PayPal. Clients may choose to pay by credit/debit card or an existing PayPal account.

Atell reserves the right to request proof of identity in situations where the information you provide on the booking form does not match the details for the Paypal account used to pay for the booking. These details include but are not limited to: Your first or last name, your email address, your physical address, or country.

If, for any reason, we cannot ascertain that you are the owner of the Paypal account used, or you refuse to verify your identity, we will refund the transaction and cancel the booking.

Email readings will be sent only to the email address linked to the Paypal account that was used for the payment.


If you miss your appointment, Atell reserves the right to refuse a refund.

Atell will reschedule a reading once (or offer you the remainder of your appointment time) if you arrive late. If you miss the appointment again the reading fee is forfeit and the appointment cancelled.

Readings can be rescheduled last-minute (with less than 24 hours to go until the appointment) a maximum of once, but this has to be done manually. You will be able to reschedule your appointment yourself via the online scheduler provided there’s more than 24 hours to go until the appointment time.

Standard readings cannot be moved into emergency slots. If you book a standard reading ahead of time, the session cannot be rescheduled to an earlier time with less than 24 hours to go until the desired booking time. Any booking that leaves less than 24 hours until the appointment time qualifies as an emergency booking. This includes last-minute extensions.

If Atell cancels a reading due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, she will offer an alternative time slot for the reading.

Delivery Times

Phone or Skype emergency bookings are responded to as soon as possible and scheduled within 24 hours on working days (Mondays to Fridays 8am to 5pm GMT+2). The first available slots will always be offered to the client, unless he or she has a specific date/time request.

Emergency/priority email readings are delivered within 12-24 hours on working days (Monday to Friday 8am-5pm GMT+2). Standard email readings are delivered 48-72 hours on working days (Mondays to Fridays 8am to 5pm GMT+2) Placing an order over a weekend means you will receive a response on either a Monday (emergency email readings) or Tuesday or Wednesday (standard email readings). If there are any delays, Atell or her assistant will be in touch to let you know and to give you an updated time/date for completion.


Readings will not be refunded once the service is complete. If you feel you are not properly connected, during a phone or skype reading, you are required let Atell know immediately. Should this occur within the first 1/4 of the reading, Atell will consider a refund.Once the call ends, the service is considered complete and no refunds will be given. Email readings are considered complete once delivered, and a refund will not be given for any reason.


If there is a chargeback on Paypal after your session, you are liable for any charges incurred. All your personal information and a transcript of the reading or services rendered will be provided to Paypal. Initiating a chargeback after a reading will result in a permanent ban from using the atellpsychictarot.com site and/or booking any further readings or related services.

Discount Codes and/or Special Offers

Discount codes and/or special offers are valid for specific time periods. The expiry dates for any coupon or offer are stated clearly on the relevant page/s. Discount codes/special offers/coupons cannot be combined with other special offers. Discount codes or specials cannot be applied retroactively (ie: Credit or partial refunds will not be given for readings booked at the full rate during the promotional period.) It is the client’s responsibility to ensure he/she uses the coupons or discount codes when available. Each coupon code can be used once per client, unless stated otherwise on the relevant page. If you have difficulty redeeming a coupon or discount code, let us know so we can assist.

Use of the website, services and/or contact information

Atell reserves the right to restrict an individual’s access to the website, services, and communication methods such as whatsapp, skype, email, or phone numbers for any reason. Should someone be blocked from using the services, all subsequent bookings will be refunded immediately without explanation. Reasons for this restriction include but are not limited to: Aggressive, disrespectful, or confrontational behavior, repeated requests for free services, or abuse of the contact information offered.

Service Descriptions

By booking a reading, or ordering an email or healing service, you agree that you have read the relevant service description and that you are familiar with what the service entails. Claiming that you did not know what was covered or disputing what you did receive will not entitle you to additional free services. Services are always delivered to cover exactly what is outlined in each service description.