“Two teams seeking to enter the lead.” Gangwon vs Suwon FC… K League 11 17R Kick-off, what should be watched?

Hana Bank K League 1 2024 17th round will kick off.

□ Match of Round: ‘Two teams seeking to enter the lead’ Gangwon vs Suwon FC

In the 17th round, Gangwon (4th place, 28 points) and Suwon FC (5th place, 27 points) will face off.

Gangwon, the home team, won 2-1 at a match against Jeju Island in the 16th round, continuing its four-game winning streak. Yago’s performance was the highlight of the team’s four-game winning streak. After scoring the winning goal in the match against Jeonbuk in the 15th round, Yago also scored in the 16th round to score his second consecutive goal. Yago is so good at physical struggle that he ranks fourth (59 times) in successful competition for aerial ball among all K-League 1 players. He often uses his teammates to finish the ball passed from the front or poke it into Yang Min-hyuk and Lee Sang-heon to display sharp performance. Expectations are high on whether Yago, with his scoring ability, will lead Gangwon to victory along with his goals in three consecutive games in this round. Along with Yago, a player who has recently shown good performance is Kim Kang-guk. After playing for Asan in the K-League 2 for the past four years, Kim joined Gangwon this year. His strength is that he is versatile enough to cover up the second line, sides and defense area based on his robust activities, and he has led his team’s winning streak by perfectly filling in the gap of Kim Yi-seok, who left the team due to injury in the last round. Meanwhile, Gangwon’s record of most consecutive wins in K-League 1 is five consecutive wins recorded in 2017. Along with its victory in this round, Gangwon will challenge to tie its record for most consecutive wins in K-League 1 in seven years.

Suwon FC, the away team, continued its winning streak with a 3-1 victory over Incheon in the last 16 rounds. Suwon FC has recorded four wins and one loss in its last five matches, and has displayed explosive scoring capacity by scoring nine goals in the four matches it won. Manager Kim Eun-joong is making the most of the ‘zero-top’ tactics to maximize his strength by giving autonomy to the strikers. Lee Seung-woo and Andersson, who are good at attacking, have come down to the midfield to show a lot of activity, while lateral resources Kang Sang-yoon and Jeong Seung-won have also threatened their opponents by aggressively targeting the inside of the ground. Through the ‘zero-top tactic,’ Suwon FC has created space efficiently, and as a result, various players including Lee Seung-woo, Jung Seung-won, Jang Young-woo, and Kang Sang-yoon have recently scored goals. Meanwhile, Suwon FC has also boasted of its solid defense this season. It has conceded only four goals in the last five matches, with two of them not allowing a single goal. Another key point to watch in this match, therefore, is how to counteract Gangwon FC’s offense, which ranks second with the most goals scored (29 goals) in the K League 1. If Suwon FC wins this round, it will have its second three-game winning streak this season.

Meanwhile, the two teams won 2-1 at their first showdown this season. The second showdown of the season between Gangwon and Suwon FC will take place at 8 p.m. on Saturday at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon.

□ Team of Round: Ulsan to solidify its first place

Ulsan took the lead with a 1-0 victory over Jeonbuk in the 16th round, and has been unbeaten in the last three consecutive games (2 wins and 1 draw). Currently, the K-League 1 is fiercely competing for the lead, with only three points difference between Ulsan (31 points) and Gangwon (28 points) in the fourth place, so Ulsan is trying to solidify its lead by winning consecutive games in this round.

Ulsan has been ranked first in all of the team’s effective shots (97 times), pass success (8,511 times), and key passes (128 times), and has been listed as a major offensive side leader in data. Recently, Ulsan has been evenly matched by Ataru, Rubik’s Son, and Joo Min-kyu, but the most notable player among them is Eom Won-sang, a side offensive resource. Eom Won-sang has four goals and one assist in 13 games this season, the most effective shots (14 times) in the team. Eom Won-sang showed a good trend, helping Ataru score the winning goal in the last round against Jeonbuk, and he will challenge for consecutive attack points in this round. 먹튀검증

Meanwhile, Ulsan will meet Seoul in the upcoming round. Ulsan has seven wins and three draws in its recent 10 matches, and won its first showdown of the season 1-0. Whether Ulsan will be able to continue its unbeaten streak against Seoul in this match will be confirmed at 6 p.m. on Saturday (Sunday) at Munsu Football Stadium in Ulsan.

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