‘Join the 9th’ Kimcheon Sangmu aims to reach the quarterfinals of the Korea Cup by catching Incheon

Gimcheon Sangmu will play in Incheon in the round of 16 of the Korea Cup.
Gimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Team (CEO Bae Nak-ho) will play Incheon United in the round of 16 of the “2024 Hana Bank Korea Cup” at Incheon Football Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 19th.

Gimcheon Sangmu is aiming to advance to the quarterfinals by beating Incheon with the 9th recruit joining the team.

RECORD STOPPING-Players change, vow to win to renew mood

Kim Cheon-sang’s first showdown with Incheon this season was a disappointing 2-2 draw.

On May 5, he led the K League 11R home game by two goals, but lost consecutive points at the end of the second half and missed the victory.

Kim Cheon-sang is determined to win this showdown.

Above all, victory is desperately needed to reorganize the team’s atmosphere.

With most of the 7th-term players on vacation before being discharged from the military, the record was suspended due to the defeat against Gwangju after 11 undefeated games in the regular league.

Coach Chung Jung-yong said immediately after the match against Gwangju, “The atmosphere should not change in the system where most of the seventh-term players are discharged from the military and new players come in.

It has to be ugly well.”

There is nothing better than victory to renew the atmosphere in such a rather chaotic situation, such as a change in the squad and a suspension of records.

This is why Kimcheon Sangmu is determined to win the match against Incheon.

9th recruit joins! Attention on whether to play or not

On the 15th, Secretary Gimcheon announced the “Clothes Official” of the 9th recruits and completed all procedures for “recruitment of enlistment”.

The ninth-term players have completed various procedures to play and are waiting for their participation.

Among them, Kim Seung-seop made his debut first among the 9th players.

On June 15, he was replaced in the 83rd minute of the K League 11 17R Gwangju away game and spent about 10 minutes on the field, including extra time. 스포츠토토

There were few opportunities to play, such as producing offensive points in a short time, but he showed light movements and instilled expectations.

Of course, there is no fixed whether the 9th-term players will participate or not.

However, considering that he had a short break after the match against Gwangju on the 16th and that a large number of 8th-term players also made their debuts against Busan in the 3R Korea Cup, there is a possibility of his 9th debut.

Meanwhile, you can watch the game on Coupang Play.

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