After director Lee Jung-hyo’s determined remarks…A somber Umji-Jeong Ho-yeon “I was complacent, I have to unite with earnestness”

What effect did coach Lee Jung-hyo’s decision-making after losing at Suwon FC’s away match have on the players? The core players of Gwangju, Um Ji-sung and Jung Ho-yeon, agreed that the team should unite once again in a gloomy mood.

Gwangju lost 0-1 in an away match against Suwon FC in the 19th round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Suwon Stadium on the 25th.

Gwangju City had a mixed feelings with Suwon FC by scoring one goal on the day. In the midst of exchange, Gwangju lost to Suwon FC’s Jung Seung-won’s winning goal in the 30th minute of the second half. The result brings the team to seven wins, one draw and 11 losses (22 points). Gwangju recorded 11 losses in 19 games in the half of the season. The team is showing a contradiction to its record of ranking third last season by causing a “storm” last season.

After the game, coach Lee Jung-hyo showed his frustration due to disappointing performance. “I expect how much we will rank this year. There have been a lot of bubbles. Me and our players also have bubbles. The third place performance that we were able to participate in last year’s ACL was a miracle. We need to know now. We were lucky, not good players,” Lee said without hesitation.
“Now I think I have to let go of both the club and the players. I’m sorry to the fans, but I think I need to know now. It seems that it was revealed today whether the team called Gwangju will be able to come back to third place or not. I think I need to wake up first.”

Manager Lee Jung-hyo even used the term “demotion” to stress that the current situation in Gwangju should be faced with. “It is not easy to go back like last year. I hope a miracle will happen and we will avoid direct relegation. Currently, we are not able to recruit players in the summer. Of course, players will also feel that they will play in more games,” he said. “I think they have no choice but to remain complacent. Unfortunately, the attachment to the team seems to be disappearing. I felt a lot of that in today’s game.”

At the same time, coach Lee Jung-hyo said, “I wonder if I have to shoulder so much. Now I want to let go. I think I have to go home at 12 o’clock. Korean players are not good enough to work hard until 3 to 4 a.m. at a cafe. From now on, I will consider my health and adapt myself to the team and the club in a relaxed manner.”

Coach Lee Jung-hyo kept giving cold responses. “It’s a crisis. I don’t have anything I want now. Just do what you have done. I can’t do what I’ve been doing. People might ask me if I’m doing this interview at a time when I need to raise the mood, but I think it’s more than enough. I think it’s more appropriate to tell the players as they are, rather than just pretending to say it by liver, galloping and squeezing. Miraculously, if I survive in the playoff, I want to congratulate the players.” 스포츠토토
What did coach Lee Jung-hyo talk about with the team after his opening remarks? And what did the players think about Lee Jung-hyo’s remarks.

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