Now “Jeju Core” Kim Tae-hwan, “Coach Kim Hak-beom? Please point out the point clearly and be considerate so that the players don’t feel tired.”

Kim Tae-hwan (24) of Jeju United has grown up in Suwon Samsung Youth Team (Mattan Middle and High School). In the 2019 season, he made his debut in the K League 1 as a member of Suwon’s uniform.

The soccer community paid attention to Kim early on. Not only did Kim stand out in Suwon’s youth team, but he was also talented in a wide range of age groups (U-14-23). Kim Tae-hwan has established himself as a core player of Suwon by playing in 36 K-League 1 matches (one goal and five assists) in the 2021 season. He was also responsible for Suwon’s right flank in the 2022 season (31 matches, one assist) and 2023 (24 matches).

Kim chose a new challenge after the 2023 season. It was a reunion with Kim Hak-beom, who he met as a national team player by age. Kim has been playing as a key player in Jeju Island, scoring two goals in 16 K-League 1 matches in the 2024 season. This is the story of Kim Tae-hwan who settled in Jeju.

Q. He grew up in Suwon Youth Team and made his professional debut. This is the first time he has left Suwon since his professional debut. How is life in Jeju.
I think I’m out of my mind. As we enter the season, we don’t feel much difference from before. When the schedule is tight, I feel like I’m just focusing on the game. I try to do my best every moment, both now and then. That’s why I think it’s getting better, scoring goals. I’ll do my best to show better performance.

Q. I am a full-back with both ball and water skills. What are you focusing on after wearing the Jeju uniform.

No player is greater than a team. The most important thing is to fulfill what coach Kim Hak-beom orders. I will do whatever I can to contribute to the direction the team wants to move forward. Personally, I want to increase offensive points that can add strength to my team’s victory. Before the season, I aimed for five goals and five assists. I believe that if I add strength to my team’s victory, offensive points will automatically follow.

Q. This is the first season in Jeju. The biggest challenge for Jeju players is the distance they travel. Each away game in Jeju Island takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Seogwipo to Jeju International Airport. Then, they travel more than an hour by plane. After getting off the plane, they have to travel by bus again. It usually takes more than 5 hours. Isn’t it hard.
If it’s not hard to go back and forth, it would be a lie. Since we have to fly often, the travel time is longer than that of other clubs. Since we are professional players, I think we have to overcome it. I think we pay more attention to our muscles and try to perform as well as possible. 먹튀검증

Q. You and Kim Hak-beom met together in the U-23 national team. We met again in Jeju.

Coach, please pay close attention to the players’ recovery. When you have a team meeting, just make sure to point out the main points. Keep the important parts short and make sure the players don’t feel tired. Personally, I think he cares about understanding and implementing what he wants.

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