Coupang Play will create a “2024 Coupang Play Series” without fraudulent transactions… and implement an ‘Amphibious Fisherman System’

Coupang Play said it is strongly responding to fraudulent transactions such as ticket resale and transfer of 2024 Coupang Play series, which set a record for all seats sold out.

Coupang Play previously announced policies to eradicate ticket fraud by allowing only mobile reservations to prevent the use of macros before ticket sales begin, and randomly solving cancellation tickets with a time difference to prevent so-called “ID transfer.”

In fact, Coupang Play is taking quick and active measures in all cases that are identified as fraudulent transactions through regular monitoring after ticket sales. After searching for attempts at fraudulent transactions posted on used transaction sites and social media, determining the authenticity of the seat, invalidating the ticket and deleting related posts are in parallel. As a result of a full investigation of posted fraudulent cases, it was confirmed that most of the ticket sales posts were seats that did not exist or were for false sale.

Coupang Play is also in the process of a “secret agency” system through e-mails that receive reports of fraudulent transactions. After the sale of tickets, customers actively report suspected cheating posts through a separate reporting channel, and Coupang Play is investigating all received contents in various ways and taking action after being caught.

In addition, on the day of the game, a thorough crackdown and response will be implemented against irregularities seeking companions. Identification is mandatory before entering the stadium, and if it is confirmed as an illegal transaction seat even after entering, the person will leave immediately. 메이저사이트

An official from Coupang Play said, “We are responding quickly and actively to cheating such as ticket transactions,” adding, “We will provide the best opportunity for Wow members who love the Coupang Play series through strict policy implementation.”

Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur (hereinafter referred to as Tottenham), where Son Heung-min plays as captain, and Bayern Munich (hereinafter referred to as Munich), who will visit Korea for the first time since its foundation, will participate in the 2024 Coupang Play Series. One game between the K-League and Tottenham, which fans picked themselves, will be held on the 31st (Wednesday), and two games between Munich and Tottenham will be held on the eve of the game.

All information on the 2024 Coupang Play series is available on the official Coupang Play site.

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