Cheoyong warriors who criticized ‘Ren Myung-bo’ and ‘The Dog of the Chukhyup’… Coach Hong Myung-bo said, “I abandoned myself. Only Korean soccer.”

Coach Hong Myung-bo, who led the league to its first championship in 17 years and its second consecutive victory, has completely turned the hearts of Ulsan HD fans toward him in just a few days.

Ulsan lost 0-1 to Gwangju FC in the 22nd round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Munsu Football Stadium in Ulsan on the 10th.

Even before the start of the game, Munsu Football Stadium had a number of hangers containing messages of criticism against the Korea Football Association and head coach Hong Myung-bo, and booed when head coach Hong Myung-bo’s name was called ahead of kickoff.

Ulsan fans expressed a sense of betrayal toward head coach Hong Myung-bo, citing “Pinoki Hong,” “clear moves,” and “the worst coach we have ever seen.”

Earlier, Hong criticized the Korea Football Association until the match against Suwon FC on the 5th and said he had no intention of taking the helm of the national team, but as the Korea Football Association officially announced on the 8th that it appointed Hong as the new head coach of the national team, criticism against Hong along with the Korea Football Association has continued to this day.

Ulsan fans, who were angry after losing their coach in an instant, criticized Ulsan’s dog MB (Myungbo), “the worst coach we’ve ever seen,” and “Liar Ren Myungbo” before the start of the game.

Then, to the Korea Football Association, which took the head of the national team by appointing Hong as the head coach of the national team during the season, he waved hangers such as “KFA Out Ignoring the K-League”, “Get Out of the Samryu Association”, and “Mong” and “Clean Kyu Jung” just before the game began, chanting “Jung Mong-gyu, get out Hong Myung-bo.”

Ahead of the game, Coach Hong said, “I will tell you how I feel after the game,” adding, “I fully understand (the fans’ complaints) and I think their feelings will be right.”

Coach Hong, who played in the cries of angry fans beyond the coldness, even lost, and the atmosphere in the stadium reached its worst.

After the game, head coach Hong said, “It was painful to be mentioned as a candidate for the national team’s coach regardless of his intention since February,” adding, “I thought about the proposal of technical director Lee Im-saeng all night. I was afraid to be the coach of the national team again, but I had a strong desire to win the game thinking that it could be my last challenge in my soccer life.” 안전놀이터

“As a result, I wanted to protect myself, but I thought that I had to abandon myself. (So) I abandoned myself. I don’t have any more. All I have is Korean soccer,” Hong said, expressing his commitment, not determination.

However, Hong said, “There will be a time when I have to leave, but I didn’t want to say goodbye like this. I am so sorry to leave like this due to my mistake. I have nothing to say,” bowing to Ulsan fans.

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