‘If I had gone earlier, I brought Kim Min-jae’ Maguire, ‘Transfer fee 350 billion won → 50 billion won’ to West Ham ‘Only an individual agreement remains’, Manchester United chooses among 3 substitutes

 Finally, ‘Gyereuk’ Harry Maguire (30) leaves Manchester United.

On the 9th (Korean time), Rory Whitwell, a journalist specializing in Manchester United of the British media ‘The Athletic’, said, ‘Man United have agreed with West Ham for £ 30 million (about 50 billion won) for the transfer fee of Maguire. Personal conditions are not expected to be an issue,’ it reported.

“Maguire wanted to stay at Manchester United, but the (significantly reduced) number of starting appearances proved that he had to transfer. He fears it will have a negative impact on his England national team career, so he wants to revive his career at West Ham,’ he added.

Fabricio Romano, who boasts the highest authority in the European transfer market, also said through his SNS, ‘West Ham is waiting for official approval to discuss personal conditions with Maguire. After accepting the transfer fee of £30 million, United would like to clarify the details, including the terms of payment. Romano previously said, ‘West Ham has reached an agreement in principle with Manchester United over the transfer of Maguire. The transfer fee is £30 million. Discussions are still ongoing. The deal structure is the key issue, but the transfer fee has been agreed upon. Personal conditions will also be discussed soon.”

Even at first, Maguire’s transfer to West Ham seemed difficult. The Athletic reported on the 8th that ‘West Ham has offered £60 million (about 100 billion won) for the scouting of Maguire and Scott McTominay’. Samuel Luckhurst of the Manchester Evening News in the UK gave more details. Luckhurst said West Ham had offered £30m each for McTominay and Maguire. Manchester United rejected the offer. Luckhurst said: ‘Man United have turned down both offers for both players’. Romano also tweeted: ‘Man Utd has rejected an offer for McTominay. Negotiations for Maguire are continuing, but there is no progress.”

Manchester United are known to want a higher transfer fee. According to the British Times, Manchester United is known to want 35 million pounds (approximately 58.6 billion won) for Maguire’s transfer fee.

However, Manchester United accepted West Ham’s initial offer with a blitz. On the day Manchester United and West Ham reached an agreement, Maguire was spotted at Manchester United training, leaving fans confused. Fans who turned their backs on Maguire are also raising questions through social media. After the footage of Maguire’s training was exposed, ‘I was told to pack my bags and meet Moyes, but why are you training’, ‘Should I drive him to London? Various reactions are pouring in, such as ‘Is it true that the deal was concluded’, ‘I came to respect Maguire’s professional spirit training at Manchester United’, and ‘I hope Maguire will say goodbye’.

Maguire is also known to have spoken on the phone with West Ham manager David Moyes. However, there is a reason Maguire trains at Manchester United. Only personal terms have not yet been agreed upon. The Sun said, ‘West Ham is negotiating (with Maguire) over wages, which could be a stumbling block (to the recruitment). Maguire received a salary increase after Manchester United qualified for the European Champions League. We need an agreement recognized by all parties, including Manchester United,” he explained. However, British media are predicting that an agreement will be reached soon. It seems that there will be no big problem wearing a West Ham uniform.

Maguire was Manchester United’s nemesis. He left Leicester City in 2019 for £80m, the highest ever for a defender, to join Manchester United. He played at the highest level. He was outstanding as the nucleus of Manchester United’s defence.

However, Maguire’s performance did not last long. His form suddenly plummeted, and he was reduced to a gyereuk. The worst sluggishness continued, and I was in a hurry to take care of myself. Ahead of the 2022-2023 season, his position was further reduced with the signing of Rafael Varane and Lisandro Martinez. Ten Hag favored the duo of the experienced Baran and his former Ajax pupil Martinez. Even when they went down with injuries, Maguire didn’t have a chance. Manager Ten Hag has placed Viktor Lindelof as the third choice, or even left-back Luke Shaw as the centre-back. Maguire only played 16 matches in the English Premier League in the 2022-2023 season. Among other things, he only made 8 starts.

To make matters worse, rumors of a discord circulated outside the ground. At one time, rumors spread that a faction had formed within the squad over the captain’s armband with Cristiano Ronaldo. He failed to prove either athleticism or leadership.

Eventually, Manchester United stripped Maguire of the captaincy last month. Manchester United would like to thank Maguire for all his dedication as captain over the past three and a half years, on his official website. We will announce the new captain at the appropriate time after the coach has notified the players.”

Maguire expressed his regret. “After discussions with the manager today, he informed me that he would be changing his mind. He explained to me the reasons and, personally, I was very disappointed, but I will continue to do my best to wear a Manchester United shirt,” he wrote on the club’s website. He added: “I want to sincerely thank the Manchester United fans for their tremendous support while I was wearing the captain’s armband.” “It has been a great honor to lead Manchester United since the day I took over three and a half years ago. It has been one of the proudest moments of my career so far. I consider it one of the greatest honors in club football. “I am always grateful to manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for entrusting me with the captaincy, and I wish him every success whoever takes over from now on, and I will support him with all my heart,” he said. that,” he said.

Manchester United’s decision effectively meant a breakup with Maguire. Manchester United wanted to clear Maguire early. Instead, he wanted to recruit Kim Min-jae, but he couldn’t achieve his goal because Maguire was not organized and the issue of the club’s takeover overlapped. In the end, Kim Min-jae chose to go to Bayern Munich.

Maguire is still competitive for England. However, due to the high ransom, no team was willing to make an offer. Maguire’s weekly wage reached 400 million won. It is strong in the air, but it is rare for a team to shoot a large amount of money at Maguire, who is struggling with quick penetration. West Ham, Aston Villa, Chelsea and Tottenham all showed interest. West Ham was particularly active. West Ham secured a bullet this summer by selling Declan Rice to Arsenal for a staggering £105m. Manager Moyes wanted Maguire. West Ham, who entered the European stage once again by winning the Europa Conference League last season, looked for a leader to lead the defense instead of Rice, and pointed out Maguire. In Moyes football, which emphasizes height, Maguire has the potential to revive. This is because Maguire is still a useful player under Gareth Southgate’s system. According to the Daily Mail, manager Moyes informed Maguire of his plan to take over Rice’s captaincy.

Man United, who took out the sick tooth, started looking for a replacement. The list of new center back candidates has been released. The main characters are Benjamin Pavard (Bayern), Jean-Claire Todibaud (Nice), and Edmond Topsova (Leverkusen). Pavar is a case that was pushed out when Min-jae Kim, the ‘monster’, was recruited. Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel has Kim Min-jae and Mathais de Ligt in mind as the starting center back combination for the new season. Pavar and Dayo Upamecano are rated as backups. Still, Pavard is widely used as the main center back in the French national team. Raphael Varando, who is watching the center back in the French national team, is also able to adapt quickly if he transfers to Manchester United.안전놀이터

After wearing the Barcelona uniform for the 2018-2019 season, Todibo continues to rent from the next season. Schalke in Germany, Benfica in Portugal and Nice in France. In Nice, he was the perfect starting center back. He played more than 40 games in two consecutive seasons. He played 46 games last season. Topsoba is currently a resource Tottenham is aiming for. Tottenham, who recruited center back Mickey van der Ben from Wolfsburg, Germany, is also trying to embrace Topsova, who has a crazy physical height of 1m94. Top Soba is evaluated as excellent for its aerial competition, ball handling skills, and long pass.

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