Yankees Manager Aaron Boone Second Earl Weaver? 

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected for the 6th time of the season against the Chicago White Sox on the 8th.

Manager Boone protested harshly about the strike zone of referee Raz Diaz (62). Moreover, it became a hot topic by mimicking the so-called ‘tearing action’ taken during referee Diaz’s three-strike out.

Boone’s moves made headlines in mainstream news, as well as in videos and New York newspapers the following day. Boone’s unexpected action has been compared to the disguised scene in the dugout after former New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine’s exit.

Director Boon is rather hot-tempered. The six exits this year are the most in a season with Cincinnati Reds coach David Bell. This is a total of 32 exits in six seasons since taking office as Yankees manager in 2018. Bell, who debuted as a director in 2019, has a total of 26 episodes.

A manager’s exit is most often revealed when the team’s performance is poor. It is an expression of frustration. The Yankees, who were considered favorites to win the American League East division before the season, are currently in fourth place. Even in the AL wild card competition, it is out of the top 3 and is 4.5 games behind.

The coach’s dismissal comes from an ambiguous decision by the referee, but sometimes it is done intentionally to improve the team atmosphere.

The manager with the most exits in MLB history is Hall of Fame legend Bobby Cox. A total of 162 outings for 33 years with three teams, including the Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays, and Atlanta. In second place is New York Giants John McGraw with 121 ejections.먹튀검증

As an active manager, the current Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochy is 78 times. Coach Bochy has a symbolic meaning of being the most active player, but it is not a style that frequently protests against referees. He averaged only 3 times a season with 78 in 26 seasons. Boone is an average of 5.3 times per season.

The manager most famous for his hot temper in MLB history is the one who brought the Baltimore Orioles to the top of the World Series in 1970. Weaver, who won 1,480 games in 17 years, won four American League championships.

Weaver, who was ranked fourth in the category with 96 career ejections, was not on good terms with the referee. He, in particular, was pretty much at odds with referee Ron Luciano. Luciano ordered Weaver off twice before the game even started. Luciano had a total of 12 outs, including four in the minor leagues and eight in the major leagues.

Luciano Judgment, who was active from 1969 to 1979, drew attention by publishing a book called ‘The Umpire Strikes back’, a reference to the Star Wars movie title.

Coach Weaver has a brilliant (?) career in which he was ejected from the regular season as well as the postseason and exhibition games of spring training. Director Boone is not at that stage yet. Weaver was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996.

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