‘Transcendent beauty’ player who shouted “I’ll be back” after knee injury → Squat training revealed → Fans cheered for ‘imminent return’

Ana Maria Markovic (24), famous as the most beautiful female soccer player in the world, will return for the upcoming season as scheduled. Marković, who injured her anterior cruciate ligament in her right knee during her match last March and was on the operating table, updated her fans.

The Daily Star said on the 11th that Markovic posted a video of weight training on social media. Fans who saw the video of Markovic, who was slowly preparing for a comeback, were enthusiastic.

Marković, a member of the Swiss Pro League Zurich Grasshoppers, injured his right knee during a match against rival Zurich FC in early March. At that time, Markovic clutched his knees on the ground and made a painful expression. The pain was so severe that she was sobbing and eventually left the ground and was diagnosed with a cruciate ligament rupture.

Immediately after undergoing surgery at the team’s designated hospital in Switzerland, Markovic posted on social media a picture of himself being discharged with knee braces and crutches. On his photo he wrote:

“I will be back soon and one thing I know is that I will come back stronger. Please continue to give us lots of love and encouragement.”

Markovic, who uploaded pictures of himself rehabilitating after surgery and enjoying rest, recently released a video of full-scale weight training. It is a video of squatting with a heavy barbell.

Looking at the video, Markovic has completely recovered from his injuries and seems to have no problems with his life. He appears to be cured to the extent that, seeing as he does squats, he can hold on even with strain on his knees.

In the photos and videos that read ‘Grueling Rehab Week – Beach Time’, Markovic is working so hard that you can feel the desire to get back on the ground real quick. His rehabilitation is said to be taking place in Portugal, not Switzerland, where the team is located. This is because he also uploads photos of enjoying summer on a beach in Portugal in his spare time.메이저놀이터

In the social media photos he posted this week, he not only works out hard, but also has two bikini photos taken at the beach. 2.8 million followers were enthusiastic about this look.

In the comments section, fans said, “It’s cool,” and left an emoticon that knelt down and prayed, and cheered, “What a beautiful soccer player.”

Croatia international Marković told German media: “I love articles calling me the most beautiful footballer or one of the most beautiful players,” but “I don’t like being described as ‘the sexiest’ player in football. . My family is having a hard time,” he said.

[Markovic, who is undergoing rehab, uploaded a video of himself squatting to let fans know that he is preparing for his comeback step by step.

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