Coach Choi Won-kwon, who is not going to attack, “If the grass is bad, we have an advantage

 Daegu FC, which has fallen into a deep draw swamp, seeks a turnaround in Seoul. Manager Choi Won-kwon predicted that the poor grass condition would be an advantage for Daegu.

Daegu will play an away match against FC Seoul at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 19th at 7:30 pm in the 27th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1. Daegu, which has fallen into a slump in 5 games without a win (3 draws and 2 losses), is in a state of needing to find a way out on the away road to Seoul.

Daegu is 9th in the league with 34 points (8 wins, 10 draws and 8 losses). With the gap widening further with the recent series of draws, the possibility of advancing to Final A can be saved only when this sluggishness is cut off. This match is very important for Daegu as the difference between them and their opponent Seoul is only 4 points.

For Daegu this match, Lee Geun-ho was named in the starting lineup instead of Edgar. Coach Won-kwon Choi said, “Baselos is not in good condition. Go Jae-hyun, Lee Geun-ho, and Sejing-ya aim for a counterattack. Lee Geun-ho is in good shape. Edgar is waiting for the second half due to physical problems.”바카라사이트

For Daegu, Gyeonggi-do Jin-Woo Cho, Jeong-Woon Hong, and Jin-Hyuk Kim will form the back three. Director Choi said, “They had a strong will. I confirmed it with my own eyes. Kim Kang-san is a good player, but these players have a lot of good memories against Seoul.”

Daegu have only scored 2 goals in their last 5 matches. While the presence of foreign strikers has faded, Ko Jae-hyun has also been scoreless for a long time. Director Choi, who was deeply concerned about this, said, “This is the most difficult part. After the game against Ulsan, I practiced shooting a lot.” I spoke with our strikers, and I believe they will do it today,” he supported the players.

Meanwhile, the topic of today’s game is the stadium grass. Director Choi said, “I haven’t seen the lawn yet. If the grass is not in good condition, Seoul, which passes a lot, is at a disadvantage. Of course, the chances of our defenders making mistakes also increase. I think the bad grass will be an advantage when it comes to counterattacking.”

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