Throwing a bat at the ball decision, enraged, even coach Roberts was sent off… The end of the Dodgers’ 3-game winning streak

Los Angeles Dodgers giant Max Muncy threw the bat, enraged by the ball decision. The Dodgers, who even had manager Dave Roberts ejected, ended their three-game winning streak. 

The Dodgers lost 5-8 in an away game against the 2023 Major League Baseball Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on the 27th (hereinafter Korean time). The Dodgers, who recently finished their three-game winning streak, finished first in the National League West Division, with a record of 79-49. 

Starting pitcher Julio Urias collapsed with 8 hits (3 home runs), 1 walk, 9 strikeouts and 6 runs in 6 innings, and took his 7th loss (11 wins) of the season. He became a winning pitcher in all four games in August and pitched well with an ERA of 1.44, but this day was different. It was painful to be hit by a solo shot by Alex Verdugo in the 1st inning and a solo shot by Justin Turner in the 4th inning, and then allowed a come-from-behind three-run homer to Adam Duvall in the 6th inning. 

In the 6th inning, leading 4-2, with 1 company, 1st and 3rd bases, he used the 5th cutter low to the body against Duval, but the left middle wall three runs. Duval’s 15th home run of the season. Then, after allowing Trevor Story to walk and steal second base, Urias was hit in time by Liz Maguire and allowed an extra run. 

The Dodgers had a chance to chase in the 8th inning, trailing 4-7. Chris Taylor’s hit, David Peralta’s double with one run on second and third bases, and Mookie Betts’ timely hit made the Dodgers one run. 

After Will Smith was out on a fly ball to right field, Muncy, who hit his 30th home run of the season in the fifth inning, stepped into the plate. However, the 8th inning ended without an additional point as the changed pitcher Chris Martin struck out looking for a low splitter on the inside of the 4th pitch. 

Martin’s fourth pitch went out of the zone, but referee Jordan Baker called for a strikeout. At that moment, when Muncy threw the bat and regretted it, the Baker referee gave the order to leave, and the enraged Muncy strongly appealed. His teammate Jason Heyward, who was in his standby at-bat, stopped Muncy. Manager Roberts, who was in the third base dugout, also came out to the ground and appealed for the ball decision, but was ejected along with Muncy. 안전놀이터

The Dodgers took another chance in the last offense in the ninth inning. Hayward’s hit, James Outman’s hit ball, and Peralta’s walk gave Betts a chance to load the bases with two out. Betts successfully responded to Boston right-hander John Shriver’s sinker in the middle of the second pitch, but the ball was caught by the center fielder right in front of the fence. Although Betts played an active role with 3 hits and 1 RBI in 6 at-bats that day, he had to swallow regret as it was the last out count in the game. 

In Boston, Turner, a native of the Dodgers, led the way with 3 hits and 2 RBIs in 4 at-bats, including his 21st home run of the season. Duval also had 2 hits and 3 RBIs in 4 at-bats including a three-run game in the final. Shreiber, who replaced Kenley Jansen, who was out due to hamstring pain, earned his first save of the season. Boston, with a record of 69 wins and 61 losses, continued its fall baseball hopes by finishing 5th in the American League Wild Card.

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