2 consecutive losses, 1 goal in 3 games… He barely escaped the bottom, but due to the absence of a scorer and solver, Suwon suffered a fatal blow.

 There are no so-called ‘scorers’ and ‘solvers’ at Suwon Samsung.

Suwon, led by coach Kim Byeong-soo, enters the September break with two consecutive losses. Suwon lost 0-4 against Gwangju FC in the 27th round and lost 0-1 in the ‘super match’ against FC Seoul in the 28th round. Suwon, which maintained 22 points, was unable to widen the gap with Gangwon FC (22 points), the lowest, and widened the gap with Suwon FC (29 points), which was ranked 10th.

Suwon attempted 7 effective shots in the match against Seoul held on the 2nd, but it was not enough to open Seoul’s goal. In the second half, Coach Kim used offensive resources such as Kazuki, Jeon Jin-woo, Mulic, and Kim Gyeong-joong one after another, but it did not bear fruit in the end.

Suwon does not have a clear scorer or solver this season. Suwon has 27 goals in 29 games, scoring less than one goal per game. It ranks second in lowest score after Gangwon (20 goals). The team’s top scorers are Mulic and An Byeong-jun (4 goals). This means that Suwon does not have a single player in the top 20 in scoring.

Even then, Byung-Jun An and Mulic are suffering from injuries and are not in a condition to play for 90 minutes. Coach Kim had An Byeong-jun play 50 minutes and Mulic 40 minutes in the game against Seoul. It also means that there is no striker who can take full responsibility for the front line. In addition, striker Werick Popo, brought in in the summer transfer window, is still having difficulty adapting. After moving to Suwon and playing in 2 games, the store is closed. He was not even on the roster for three consecutive games.

The same goes for wing attackers. Jeon Jin-woo (1 goal, 1 assist), Acosti (2 goals, 2 assists), and Kim Gyeong-joong (2 goals, 1 assist) are also struggling to accumulate attack points. At least midfielder Kazuki is providing an opening for the attack, but he is neither a striker nor a problem solver.

For Suwon, which is competing for relegation, results are more important than content. The importance of the results in the remaining regular league as well as the final round is bound to increase. Escaping the relegation zone has become virtually impossible. There is already a gap of more than 10 points between 9th place and 9th place.카지노사이트

The reason Suwon made a comeback in the relegation playoffs (PO) last season was because Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic) played the role of a problem solver. The problem is that there is no problem solver like Oh Hyun-gyu in sight this season.

Soccer is a sport where victory and defeat are ultimately determined by scoring points. If you don’t score, you can avoid losing, but you can’t win. Coach Kim said, “It is not easy to calculate how many wins we will have. “Players must accept the current situation for granted and control their emotions,” he said, looking at the reality.

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