‘Sonny and Davis are enemies’ National team call-up announced by KFA… Hwang In-beom volunteered for training.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) released footage of the A-match convocation in September. 

This is the Korean national team that wants to be at the top of Asia by winning the Asian Cup in January 2024. The September evaluation match will play an important role in that journey. The Korean national team will face the Wales national team at Cardiff City Stadium on the 8th and the Newcastle national team at St. James Park on the 13th. 소닉카지노

Since this warm-up match was held overseas, the overseas players immediately joined the team in England, and the domestic players boarded a plane to England on the 4th. KFA showed part of this process through their social media on the 4th. 

Captain Son Heung-min, who scored a hat-trick against Burnley FC last time, traveled by train with his teammate Ben Davis. The two Tottenham Hotspur teammates will meet as enemies in the Korea vs. Wales match. 

Hwang In-beom, who had been in a transfer dispute with Olympiacos until his transfer to Crvena Zvezda was confirmed on the 5th, was the first to join. Hwang In-beom showed motivation by volunteering to exercise early in the morning. 

In addition, several other players, including Hwang Ui-jo, Kim Ji-su, Lee Ki-je, and Kim Seung-gyu, were captured at camera angles. The September international match period has now begun in earnest. 

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