Chelsea legend’ John Terry travels to Saudi Arabia with Kim Seung-gyu

 It has been reported that Chelsea legend John Terry will advance to Saudi Arabia. 

The Sun reported on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time) that “John Terry is expected to take over as head coach of Saudi Arabia’s Al Sabib.”카지노사이트

Al Shabab is the team where national team goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu plays.

During his playing days, John Terre was the best player. He was an all-round defender with excellent leadership, excellent defense, build-up, physical fight, and header ability.

In particular, John Terry is a Chelsea legend. He started with the youth team in 1995 and made his professional debut in 1998.

And John Terry played 717 games in a Chelsea uniform for 18 years.

John Terry, who retired from active duty in 2018, served as a leader. He has served as head coach at Aston Villa and Leicester City and currently coaches the Chelsea youth team.

So if John Terry goes to Saudi Arabia, it will be his first managerial job. 

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Meanwhile, if John Terry goes to Al Shabab, he will be guided by Seung-gyu Kim. 

Seung-gyu Kim left Kashiwa Reysol in 2022 and joined Al Shabaab. He serves as the starting goalkeeper.

rabia has already recruited Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard. He works as a manager at Al Iti Park. 

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