The Yankees’ 432.9 billion won ace goes through another 200 innings… 8 innings, KKKKKKKKK ’33 years old, Cy Young reservation’

The 9-year, $324 million (approximately 432.9 billion won) contract that the New York Yankees invested in Gerrit Cole (33) was successful.

There is no ‘eat-and-run’ vibe to Cole at all. This is even more surprising considering he is a pitcher. He debuted with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2013 and surpassed 200 innings only four times in seven seasons until the Houston Astros in 2019. It has even surpassed it for three consecutive years since 2017.

And the Yankees also surpassed 181⅓ innings in the 2021 season, following 73 innings in 2020, which was held in a shortened season. Afterwards, he ‘gulp’ 200 innings this season, following 200⅔ innings in 2022. This is the 6th 200 innings in his career, 11 years after his debut. It is at the level of Geumgang Buddha.

Cole earned his 14th win (4 losses) of the season with 2 hits, 9 strikeouts, and 1 run in 8 innings in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game against the Toronto Blue Jays held at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York, New York on the 22nd (Korean time). He showed off a variety of pitches, from a fastball in the mid-150s to a slider, cutter, and knuckle curve in the high 70s.

He sprayed a 97 mph four-seamer to Kevan Biggio in the fourth and a 79.8 mph knuckle curve to leadoff George Springer in the first. In the 6th inning, he hit Alessandro Kirk with a 79.6 mph curveball and a 90 mph cutter before hitting a double. However, he showed his fighting spirit by striking out Kevin Kiermaier with a cutter. His stamina did not drop at all until the latter part of the game, including hitting a 97.2 mph four-seamer to Whit Merrifield in the 8th inning.

Cole ranks first in the American League in most innings, first in ERA (2.75), first in WHIP (1.02), second in most wins, and second in hitting percentage (0.212). Strikeouts per 9 innings is 9.77, ranking 6th, but no pitcher is ahead of Cole in overall metrics. It is likely that he will finally resolve Cy Young’s resentment in his 33-year-old season. There is little doubt among the American media. The merit of 200 innings is also expected to have a clear effect. said, “Cole is having a season where he will receive his first Cy Young Award. He is well-positioned to fend off challenges from Luis Castillo (Seattle Mariners) and Sonny Gray (Minnesota Twins). “The Yankees were 22-10 this year when Cole started and 55-66 in other games.”

The Yankees are also confident that Cole will win his first Cy Young Award. Coach Aaron Boone said, “It was the last regular season home game. “I am proud of him.” Jake Bowers, who hit a three-run home run, said, “It’s very impressive to immediately have a chance to go out there and win once every five days. “There aren’t many players like that in this league.”토토사이트

“He knows what he’s doing that day, what’s working and what’s not working, and how to use what he has that day to his advantage,” said catcher Ben Rotbett, who received the call. “If something doesn’t work, he finds a way to avoid it.”

Everyone prepared well behind the scenes and my teammates showed that they were playing for me,” Cole said. We’ve had a disappointing season this season. But you just have to do your job as a professional. “That’s how I’ve approached my entire career.” The Yankees’ 2023 season was a disaster, but Cole got his due. And then Cy Young came before my eyes.

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