‘You can’t win against Kim Min-jae! ‘Bench resource depleted as competition falls behind’ Manchester United transfer possibility in January

After losing out in competition with Kim Min-jae, he was linked to Manchester United.

According to Nicola Schirra, a journalist familiar with the European transfer market, Manchester United is interested in signing Matthijs de Ligt in the winter transfer window.

De Ligt came through the Ajax youth ranks and made his professional appearance in November 2016. He didn’t need to adapt. Even at a young age, he made his mark on the European stage.

He later moved to Juventus and entered the big league. As he played as a key player, he was evaluated as a luxury center back.

De Ligt was unable to resolve differences in contract extension negotiations with Juventus. In the end, he chose to break up with the couple.

De Ligt received interest from quite a few teams, but his choice was a prestigious German team. He became a member of Bayern Munich ahead of the 2022/23 season.

De Ligt also played an active role as a key defender in Bayern Munich, showing off his presence with stable performances.

De Ligt, which was expected to have a flowery road, encountered an obstacle. Since Kim Min-jae joined, they have been consistently unable to get opportunities.

De Ligt is only playing as a substitute this season. There is no full-time participation. In the game against Bochum, he was substituted after the end of the first half even though he scored.

There is a feeling that Kim Min-jae’s wall cannot be overcome. This led to transfer rumors, and it was reported that Manchester United were interested in signing De Ligt.

Minjae Kim transferred to Bayern Munich ahead of this season. As soon as he joined, he was playing as a key defender.토토사이트

There was also controversy. German soccer legend Lothar Matheus recently sent a message of criticism to Minjae Kim, saying his performance was not very good.

Matheus said, “Minjae Kim will be a great help. He performed at his best in Naples. “He will do well in Bayern Munich as well,” he said, not hiding his expectations when he joined the team.

However, recently, “Kim Min-jae is not performing as well as we expected.” He needs to get used to the German Bundesliga. He doesn’t have the great performances he had in Italy. “He is not showing what I expected,” he criticized.

Kim Min-jae didn’t care about the legend’s harsh criticism. He didn’t really care and shook off the criticism with an outstanding performance in the second leg of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League (UCL) Group A qualifying match against Copenhagen.

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