Kim Tae-hwan “Entrance fashion, the mindset to come to Paju wearing the coolest clothes according to the season

Kim Tae-hwan, who often attracts attention with his unique national team training entrance fashion, revealed his own fashion philosophy.토토사이트

On the 11th, Kim Tae-hwan was interviewed before the men’s soccer team training at the National Training Center (NFC) in Paju, Gyeonggi-do. Veteran right back Kim Tae-hwan was called up for two consecutive domestic friendly matches against Tunisia on the 13th and Vietnam on the 17th.

Kim Tae-hwan, who often shows off his unique look, wore a very large black suit and bulky pants during this convocation. It was a unique outfit that looked as if it had ‘mulberries’ in it because it was much larger than his shoulders. Unlike the players who wore light jackets or hoodies, Kim Tae-hwan looked formal while at the same time emphasizing his individuality. Below is the full interview.

– The fashion for this round was also amazing.

Because it is the place I want to be the most and the most important place to me, I think I am showing my own attitude. I went into Paju with the mindset of dressing up in clothes that I thought were best and coolest for that season.

– Juniors’ reactions to fashion

He didn’t say anything at all.

– What coach Jurgen Klinsmann emphasizes to the defenders is that he

hasn’t had a one-on-one meeting with me yet about what to do in this game, and the defenders all seem to be the same. First of all, you have to not concede any goals in order to win, so I think that’s what you want. He also likes hitting hard and competing with his opponent to win.

– The mood of the juniors who came after winning the Asian Games gold medal

was constantly smiling. Thanks to this, the team atmosphere also improved.

– Seol Young-woo, a position competitor and junior from his team Ulsan, was smiling and

said congratulations. He said he was preparing a gift for me and (Kim) Young-kwon, so I’ll look forward to it.

– Who is Ulsan’s Eom Won-sang?

We have never met him separately yet. There is no contact. We’ll meet up with the team (after a moment of meaningful silence).

– If I have a personal goal for the national team in the future,

the biggest motivation is to join this team until I take off my soccer shoes. I will continue to challenge myself and work hard to make the national team until the day I retire.

– Since I am not young, I think the challenge of winning this Asian Cup will be meaningful, but

I am not watching the Asian Cup but rather the next convocation. I think that if I continue to be called up to the national team step by step, I will naturally be able to go to the Asian Cup, and of course my goal is to take good care of my body and do well.

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