“Yankees generation for 10 years with Judge and Cole” Lee Jeong-hoo is good too… ‘All in’ to the man who rejected 595.3 billion won

The Yankees must open up all possibilities.”

The New York Yankees are likely to make a big move somehow in the 2023-2024 free agent market. It’s always been like that, but this time it’s a little more desperate. This is because they finished fourth in the American League East Division with 82 wins and 80 losses and did not even make it to the postseason. The Yankees’ last World Series victory was in 2009. After that, they never made it to the World Series.먹튀검증

There are indications that reinforcement of the batting line is necessary. This year, the team ranked 14th in the American League with a batting average of 0.227 and 10th in the American League with an OPS of 0.701. The logic is that a strong card is needed to pair with Aaron Judge. This is also the reason why The Athletic connected the Yankees and Lee Jeong-hoo on the 13th (Korean time).

However, the property that the Yankees are really drooling over is the San Diego Padres. It’s Juan Soto. Since San Diego has set a pay cut policy, it is difficult to keep Soto, whose annual salary is expected to be $33 million next year, and The Athletic believes that the Yankees should rush in if they try to get the opposite pay through a trade.

In 162 games this season, Soto has 156 hits in 568 at-bats, a batting average of 0.275, 35 home runs, 109 RBI, 97 runs, a slugging percentage of 0.519, an on-base percentage of 0.410, and an OPS of 0.929. He was sluggish at the beginning of the season, but eventually played his part and showed off his power as the team’s best hitter. He showed why he rejected the Washington Nationals’ 15-year, $440 million (approximately 595.3 billion won) extension contract ahead of the 2022 trade deadline.

First of all, The Athletic pointed out that San Diego may actually suffer a loss if it disposes of Soto. This means that no amount of compensation will be able to satisfy Soto’s productive capacity. Payroll will be reduced, but power may be weakened. San Diego wants to cut the pay, but that doesn’t mean they’re giving up on win now. So, he argued that it would be better to keep Soto until next year’s trade deadline.

Nevertheless, if San Diego disposes of Soto, the Yankees are expected to step forward. The Athletic said, “The Yankees must open up all possibilities. The Yankees need to recruit a left fielder, and Soto is a left-handed hitter who can set off a bomb at Yankee Stadium. “He’s only 25 next season.”

In actual Yankee Stadium, the right outfield is shorter than the left and left-center fields. It is an advantageous stadium for left-handed hitters. The Athletic said, “Soto, along with Judge and Gerrit Cole, is a generational player that the Yankees can build around for the next 10 years or more.”

The Athletic’s assessment is that the Yankees’ current farm is also good. In addition, since Soto could be available for a one-year lease, he believed that there would be no need to offer such an excessive return. The Athletic said, “If San Diego is in bad financial shape, the Yankees should use force against them.”

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