Eunpyeong BC Broadcasting Woong, Hyunseung Lee, Korea’s first middle school student ML background check

 There is a middle school student who became the first in Korea to undergo a Major League status check. Not one, but two.

The main characters are Bang Woong (15) and Hyunseung Lee (15), who belong to Eunpyeong Baseball Club (BC) and are still in their third year of middle school. It has been revealed that at least three major league teams are interested in these two, who will be competing on the high school stage next year.

Director Lee Woo-chang, who took over as the new high school coach at Eunpyeong BC, introduced his two students, saying, “Originally, (Bang) Young-woong received inquiries first, but (Lee) Hyun-seung also received inquiries as he received good evaluations.”

After graduating from Galsan Elementary School, Lee Hyun-seung played baseball at Shinwol Middle School and changed his team to Eunpyeong BC at the end of his first year. He played as a professional outfielder, but switched to an infielder after changing teams. However, the speed of his development is quite surprising. As a result of steadily gaining experience with the Eunpyeong BC middle school team under the guidance of coach Lee Woo-chang, his defense, batting, and base running have improved significantly. Rumor has it that the external evaluation is better than the internal evaluation. He has good fundamentals, so even as a pitcher, he throws a ball in the mid-130 km/h range. After he entered high school, a situation was created where he could either become a pitcher or develop into a hitter. First of all, there is an evaluation from a certain scout that he shows potential as a 5-tool player, so we will have to watch his performance during his high school days.

Pitcher Bang Woong Bang, who was first evaluated favorably by major league teams, showed off his qualities as an ace, reaching a maximum speed of 137km when he was in his second year of middle school. However, because he was pitching so well, he had a hard time managing his pitch numbers for a while. Then, he settled down at Eunpyeong BC and under the management of coach Lee Woo-chang, he underwent a training program thoroughly tailored to each player.스포츠토토

A scout heaped praise on MHN Sports, saying, “Even if he goes to the U.S. right now, he will be a great player if he continues his minor league training.” He also shows talent as a hitter, so it will be worth watching his performance on the high school stage next season.

The two middle school students who received the first Major League status check in Korea will now compete on the national stage as members of the Eunpyeong BC High School team next year. Watching how they will perform as first-year students is expected to be another point of interest when watching high school baseball next season.

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