Scout Jin Sang-bong, who is playing for next year, is touched by the contents of his book ‘Becoming a Pro’

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When you go to Mokdong Baseball Stadium, where high school baseball is in full swing, there are always people using speed guns, stopwatches, and looking closely at the TrackMan data to watch each and every movement of the players. This is the scout team of a professional baseball team. Keep an eagle eye on the ground to see where good stones are and if there are any hidden gems. There is not a single player who is wasting his time. So, keep your eyes and hands busy and, if necessary, move your seat to look at the player from various angles.

Among them, SSG Landers scout Jin Sang-bong is a senior player. After finishing his career as a player for Binggrae Eagles and Ssangbangwool Raiders, he continued to work as a field coach after his retirement and was active in the SK-SSG operation team and scout team. Even with the ‘eagle eyes’ on the ground, he welcomes those who come with a fatherly voice. Yes. The scout team basically has a lot of ‘fathers’. Since I am in a position where I have to choose players like my own children, I often have the mindset of a father.

The scout team is always busy because they never know where the gem will appear. Although baseball-related books have been coming out consistently, the fact that there have been no books published by the scout team is because they have a busy schedule that they can’t even think about starting to write. As soon as the draft is over, we rush to check on the current high school second year students (prospective high school third year students).

In that regard, when I heard that scout Jin Sang-bong had written a book called ‘Becoming a Pro from a Current Professional Baseball Scout,’ I asked several times, “Is this true?” It was because I couldn’t believe that I had completed the culmination of my hard work while I was so busy. After I finished reading the book, I couldn’t help but think, ‘You must be busy looking for players, you must have worked really hard!’

The reason scout Jin Sang-bong wrote this book is obvious. This is because I want to present a kind of ‘big path’ that parents, players, and junior scouts must follow. It can be said that it literally contains the heart of a father and an older brother.

When reading scout Jin Sang-bong’s book, you may feel as if you have moved to Mokdong Stadium. As such, it presented in considerable detail the perspective from which the scout team examines the player in the field. However, the content is not lengthy. So, the number of pages is also quite thin at 288 pages. Although there may have been a desire to convey a more detailed story, it indirectly suggested that the book should be referred to as a guideline only, and that the rest should be an effort from players, parents, junior scout teams, and broadly, the club and school.

There are cases where young players have the wrong idea that the current Major League is moving towards power supremacy. Pitchers tend to focus too much on velocity, and batters tend to focus too much on distance. Regarding this, scout Jin Sang-bong firmly warns, “You must not lose your great strengths while trying to follow the trend.” Occasionally, a player is selected in the draft who is disappointed with his velocity or batted ball distance. This is a case where the player was selected based on the player’s unique strengths rather than based on how others see him. Jung Woo-ram was actually a player who was nominated despite being so underrated. However, he is now the first player in the KBO league to record 1,000 game appearances, and is the first player in the East to make the most appearances before the age of 40.먹튀검증

It was the same during his active years, but when scout Jin Sangbong turns his eyes to the field, his eyes change. However, when he sees a player selected on his recommendation doing well, his expression changes into that of a father. The voice of such a ‘father’ is available in bookstores nationwide and as an online e-book. Since this is the first book written by a professional baseball team scout, I would like to recommend that you read it at least once.

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