Kershaw, you could have shoulder surgery… “You don’t want to rehabilitate” Is the Dodgers legend with 210 wins really retiring? ‘Django

Shoulder surgery may be necessary.”

LA Dodgers legendary pitcher Clayton Kershaw (35), who has 210 wins, entered Django. After Kershaw announced that he would check the condition of his shoulder, which has been bothering him this season, through a medical examination, he has not expressed any particular position. This time, it was predicted that he would worry longer than usual.

The Athletic reported on the 17th (hereinafter Korean time), “It will take longer for Kershaw to make a decision this year. He has been dealing with a nagging shoulder injury all season, which has hampered his performance. “I may need shoulder surgery in the winter, and that could affect my decision for 2024.”

Kershaw’s back is a chronic ailment. He had some time off this season due to shoulder pain. Since his return, his fastball speed has dropped further. The Athletic said that not only Kershaw’s velocity but also his command were not the same after returning from his shoulder injury.

The regular season ended with the best results in recent memory, but the postseason revealed its limitations. He started Game 1 of the division series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, allowing 5 hits and 5 runs, becoming the first major league postseason player to disgrace.

The prospect that Kershaw may seriously consider his retirement this time is raising its head among the American media. He is 35 years old and still has a lot of time left in his career. However, he has already been rehabilitating and preparing for the season due to various minor injuries for several years. This is definitely not as easy as it sounds.토토사이트

“At his age, Kershaw probably doesn’t want to spend the offseason rehabbing,” The Athletic said. “He wants to use the winter to spend time with his family, so it could be a complicated situation.” Although he became smaller in the postseason, he accumulated wealth and fame by gradually winning a total of 210 games in the regular season. Even if he retires, it would not be surprising.

“Kershaw’s decision won’t be as simple as it was last offseason,” Sports Illustrated’s Dodgers Fan Nation Inside the Dodgers said. “It’s possible that a year ago he felt there was unfinished business, but now he has to figure out exactly what he wants to do.”

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