Goodbye Legend’ professional soccer player Lee Geun-ho, president of the Korea National University of Korea, retires from active duty.

The Korean Professional Football Players Association has decided to hold a retirement ceremony for Chairman Lee Geun-ho, who announced his retirement at the end of this season, at a charity game to be held in Suwon in December.

Chairman Lee Geun-ho, who is leaving the ground he has loved for a long time, Vice Chairman Ki-hoon Yeom, who is retiring at the end of this season, and Vice Chairman Park Joo-ho, who retired during the last spring season, will jointly retire at the 2nd Athletes’ Association Charity Game to be held at the Ajou University Gymnasium in Suwon on December 16. The ceremony proceeds.

At this charity game, where all-star players from the K League and WK League will shine on the stage, including Chairman Lee Geun-ho and Vice Chairman Ki-hoon Yeom, as well as executives from the Players’ Association, the Players’ Association will hold a joint retirement ceremony this year as well as last year, creating a respected and respected team of seniors and juniors. We plan to lead the soccer culture.

Kim Hoon-ki, Secretary General of the Players Association, said, “This is a joint retirement ceremony planned to lead a respected soccer culture, and it is meaningful to be able to directly invite the President of the Players Association who is retiring from active duty and cheer on his second life. “I will do my best to create a good place so that seniors and juniors can celebrate the second chapter of their lives together,” he said.안전놀이터

Secretary-General Kim continued, “I hope that many fans will come and give us a round of applause in support as the key executives of the players’ association take off their soccer shoes at this event held at the Ajou University gymnasium. “The players’ association will work hard to prepare for the charity game without a hitch and provide fans with something to see,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Athletes’ Association announced that it is speeding up preparations for the 2nd Athletes’ Association Charity Game event to be held at the Ajou University Gymnasium in Suwon on December 16.

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