Now Song Gyo-chang in Busan

I will never forget the love I received from Jeonju.”

On the 19th, the Armed Forces Athletic Corps Sangmu Basketball Team won 84-55 against Dongguk University in the men’s general final of the ‘104th National Sports Festival’ held at Mokpo Multipurpose Gymnasium in Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do. Sangmu succeeded in winning 7 consecutive gold medals at the National Sports Festival.

In May of last year, Sangmu received a lot of attention and attention. Heo Hoon and Song Kyo-chang, former KBL MVPs, enlisted at the same time. Two players who wore different uniforms in the league and competed for the top scorer now wear the same uniform. As time goes by, they are about to be discharged on November 15th, and Song Kyo-chang will return to the KBL starting with the game against Goyang Sono on November 17th.카지노사이트

Song Kyo-chang said, “I was able to meet really good classmates while working at Sangmu. I had a fun life and I think there was a lot to learn because there were players who were good at basketball. I will soon be discharged from the military and return to my team, and no one got hurt on the team. “I hope I can adapt,” he said, looking back on his military life.

Song Kyo-chang, who was serving his military service in good health, was selected for the men’s basketball team at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. However, he fell off the horse due to a knee injury during a practice match ahead of the Asian Games. Afterwards, Song Kyo-Chang, who took a break from the KBL Cup tournament and the National Sports Festival, cheered on his teammates’ games from the stands.

Song Kyo-chang said, “The injury is unfortunate, but I think it can’t be helped. He is currently recovering by training with weights and light shooting.” 

Additionally, in August of last year, KCC, Song Kyo-chang’s team, confirmed its relocation from Jeonju to Busan. Song Kyo-chang, who started his professional career in Jeonju as a high school graduate in 2015, has since grown with a lot of love and support from Jeonju fans and has stood tall as the league MVP (2020-2021). However, Song Kyo-chang now continues his professional career in Busan, not Jeonju.

Song Kyo-chang said, “I really received a lot of love and support. I felt a lot of emotions when I heard the news of the relocation. I will not forget the love and support of Jeonju fans.”

Meanwhile, KCC, which won the KBL Cup, is considered a strong candidate for the championship this year. They have Choi Jun-yong as an off-season free agent, and the existing Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyeon, along with the soon-to-be-returning Song Kyo-chang, are called a super team.

Song Kyo-chang said, “I think we will be able to play fun basketball because we have such good players. I am also looking forward to it and really want to win.”

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