In the end, is it Suwon-Gangwon…’ The fight for last place is effectively a two-way match, and tension grows even more in the final match.

The battle for last place in professional soccer K-League 1 was virtually narrowed down to a competition between two teams. Suwon Samsung and Gangwon FC will compete fiercely until the end to avoid last place.

Suwon and Gangwon, who have to fight in a bloody battle in every game, both lost in the first game of the final round held on the 22nd. Suwon lost 0-2 in the away game to Jeju United and 1-2 in the game against Gangwon-do FC Seoul. As a result, Suwon failed to move out of the bottom of the league (12th place), remaining with 6 wins, 7 draws, and 21 losses (25 points). It is equally disappointing for 11th-place Gangwon (4 wins, 14 draws, 16 losses, 26 points), which failed to widen the gap with Suwon.

On the other hand, 10th place Suwon FC, who are fighting to remain together with them, drew 1-1 in an away game against Daejeon Hana Citizens and added a point. There were 8 wins, 8 draws, and 18 losses (32 points). Even 1 victory point feels big. Although we cannot be at ease, we have some room to spare as we have widened the gap with Suwon and Gangwon. Unless the worst happens, there is little chance that Suwon FC will fall to last place.

Both Suwon and Gangwon now have only one goal. You just have to avoid last place. The 12th-place team in K League 1 suffers direct relegation. The 10th and 11th places in the league will decide whether to remain in the league through promotion playoffs with K League 2 teams. 10th and 11th places have a chance to stay. However, the lowest ranked team falls to the second division without even such an opportunity.

Suwon already made the promotion playoffs last season. They dramatically stayed in the second leg of the promotion play-off against FC Anyang after extended play. National team striker Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic) scored the winning goal. He gave Suwon a gift and left for Europe. Suwon sighed in relief. Regarding the promotion playoffs, the Suwon players unanimously said, ‘I never want to experience that again.’ But things have become more difficult this season.

Gangwon-do, which was in Final A last year, saw its team performance plummet this year. The defense isn’t bad, but the offense isn’t working well. This season, Gangwon scored the fewest goals among the 12 teams in K League 1 with a team score of 26. Without a solution, there are fewer victories. In the end, they have been unable to get out of the bottom tier throughout the season. Gangwon-do experienced the 2021 promotion playoffs. They defeated Daejeon Hana Citizen and succeeded in remaining in the competition.

This year, the two teams even threw in an unconventional decision called ‘replacement of coaches’. Suwon is currently in charge of acting coach Ki-hoon Yeom, after former coaches Lee Byeong-geun and Kim Byeong-soo. Gangwon coach Yoon Jeong-hwan has been leading the team since last June, replacing former coach Choi Yong-soo. The results of the director replacement have not yet been announced. No matter what the process is, you will be successful only if you receive a report card that says ‘retention’.

Coincidentally, Suwon and Gangwon will face each other in the 38th round of this season’s final match. I don’t know if one team will win, but if the current trend continues, the rankings of both teams will likely be decided in this game. Anyone falls to the bottom, K-League 2. This is a game where the fate of the team depends on more than three points. Both attention and tension over the match between Suwon and Gangwon are growing.토토사이트

The match between Suwon and Gangwon will be held on December 2nd. Although there is more than a month left, it is a big match that all domestic soccer fans will be interested in. The venue is Suwon World Cup Stadium, the home of Suwon.

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