Will ‘De Bruyne AS → Ronaldo score’ come true… Contact with agent

Al Nasr contacted Kevin De Bruyne’s agent.

Transfer market expert Rudy Galetti said on his SNS on the 24th (Korean time), “Al Nasr has contacted De Bruyne’s agent and is scheduled to meet soon. Al Nasr will explain the long-term project to De Bruyne. “It is a plan. His contract with Manchester City expires in 2025.”

‘In name and reality,’ he is the best playmaker in existence. He is good at sending the ball on trajectories and courses that would be unthinkable to an average person, and is famous for passing passes to penetrating teammates so they can take shots. Due to his high activity level, he uses the entire stadium as his own stage and also has a finishing ability based on his powerful shooting. As De Bruyne’s face gets redder as he plays, there is even a saying in Korea that the moment De Bruyne’s face turns red, the game is over.

He is a Manchester City legend. After excelling in his country’s league, he moved to Chelsea in 2012 and took on the challenge of playing in the Premier League (PL), but failed to adapt. Afterwards, he gained experience on the German stage such as Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg, and returned to the PL after being called up by Manchester City in the 2015-16 season. Because he had experienced failure once, no one had high expectations of him. However, De Bruyne stood out from the first year of his transfer and became Manchester City’s ‘key’ midfielder.짱구카지노

Since then, he has steadily led the team. He boasts tremendous assist production ability and has been crowned assist king several times in the PL alone. His all-time assist count of 102 ranks fourth all-time, along with Frank Lampard. Above him are only Wayne Rooney (103 times), Cesc Fabregas (111 times), and Ryan Giggs (162 times).

De Bruyne still boasts a solid position in the team. However, as he got older, injuries became more frequent. Last season, he suffered an injury during the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final, and the aftermath continued into pre-season. This season, in the opening game against Burnley, he complained of pain and was substituted in the first half and was placed on the long-term injured list.

De Bruyne’s current contract with Manchester City runs until the summer of 2025. Although there is still time, Manchester City needs to slowly think about the future. It is unclear whether it will be extended. In addition, there are rumors that coach Pep Guardiola will leave Manchester City by the end of 2025, so his future will likely have a significant impact on De Bruyne’s future.

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