‘Unexpectedly poor performance’ LG Maray dilemma?

Who is the best foreign player in KBL currently? First of all, many people will mention SK Jamil Warney (29‧199cm) first. Warney, who showed off his presence by winning the Foreign Player Award as soon as he debuted in the 2019-20 season, has received the award three times in total, tying for first place with Johnny McDowell and La Gun-ah for the most awards. If the award is added later, he will rise to first place.

Unfortunately, they fell short just before the championship, but Warney’s consistent scoring ability was a big part of SK’s performance that exceeded expectations last season. Throughout the playoffs, he showed scoring performances in various ways. Using the power radiating from his solid body, he hit heavy post-ups and succeeded in hook shots, and even when shots below the goal failed, he repeatedly grabbed rebounds and finished by insisting on scoring.

In addition, Jeonga’s sidewalk floater is evaluated as an impregnable weapon that is difficult to block even if you know it. On days when his fingertips feel hot, he boasts a level of accuracy that feels like ‘if you throw it, it goes in.’ He succeeds regardless of whether there is a defense or not, whether the distance is far or close. In addition, he is equipped with a power tool, so he is rarely pushed or loses his balance even when defenders surround him in layers. He has the highest paint zone scoring ability among all foreign players of all time, and despite his massive physique, he can act as a trailer during fast breaks and even has the defensive ability to withstand attacks from the opposing team’s big man with his body.

It would be a shame to leave out Cheong Kwan Jang Omari Spellman (26‧206cm), who is in his third year. As can be seen from the fact that he even won the NCAA Tournament during his time at Villanova University in 2018, he is a big player with a high career and has attracted attention simply by entering the KBL at an early age. A healthy Spellman is evaluated as a foreign player who can compete with Warney for the best.

Last season, in 51 games in the regular league, he averaged 19.86 points (2nd overall), 2.39 assists, 9.94 rebounds, and 1.10 blocks per game, second only to Warney, and ultimately played a leading role in leading Cheong Kwan-Jang to a combined championship. Despite his size, his technique is so good that he can go to the perimeter, shoot 3-point shots, and face up freely. However, due to his poor body management, if he rests even a little, he surprises those around him by gaining a lot of weight, and his mental health is also not good. This is why it is called a double-edged sword.

Didrick Lawson (26‧201cm) is a foreign player who is being re-evaluated after his last season. It is clear that he is a good player, but he was not recognized as a top-level player, but he led Carrot (currently Sono) to the semifinals and stood at the center of DB, which has changed significantly this season, and is recognized as being worth more than Warny and Spellman. He basically defends the post, but also has perimeter attack power, and above all, he has a good BQ, allowing him to act as a control tower.

He also has a good mentality, so much so that he completed the season with his teammates until the end even though he did not receive a proper salary at Carrot, whose team situation was not good. He is the type of player that not only leaders but also his teammates will like. In addition, NBA experience player Alizee Johnson (27, 201cm), who is expected to end KCC’s history of cruelty against foreigners, and Samsung’s ‘Jamaican King Kong’ Kofi Coburn (24, 210cm), who boasts a massive physique of 210cm and 150kg, are also expected. He is considered a new foreign player.

Assem Marey (31·206cm), the ‘Prince of Egypt’ and ‘King Pharaoh’, who is the first KBL nationality player of Egyptian nationality and a pure Arab foreign player, cannot be left out. As can be seen from playing for Changwon LG for three consecutive years until this season, he is one of the current KBL representative foreign players whose skills have been clearly proven. Marey is a little different from other top foreign players.

Ace-type players like Warney and Spellman, who use explosive scoring power as their weapon, and Lawson, an all-weather control tower, have great strengths in attack. On the other hand, Marey is neither a problem solver nor the type to solve the game. He is a player who strengthens the team in defense and other difficult matters based on his ability to control the post. He provides strong support and saves his teammates.

Marey is like the cornerstone of the peregrine falcon corps. In addition to the power that comes from a solid body, he has a good BQ and a hustle mentality that does not spare his body, so his contribution to the defense is very high. In addition to rebounding, his steal ability is also good, so much so that the team’s overall defensive ability changes depending on whether he is on the court or not.

Modern basketball is different from the past in many ways, such as faster tempo, use of space, and increased proportion of outside shots. However, no matter how large the change, there is one thing that does not change and it is none other than the ‘power of rebound’. As can be seen from the saying that he who dominates rebounding dominates the game, the benefits of gaining an upper hand in rebounding are indescribable.

Marey is the rebounding king for two years in a row. He emerged as the leader in rebounds last season with 13.47, and was also ranked first in rebounds last season (12.48). In addition, we also received the steal category (1st place last season, 2nd place last season). His individual abilities are good, but he also shows a lot of fighting spirit in every game, such as rushing toward loose balls without a moment of hesitation, so he has a great influence on his teammates.

The analysis is that the sight of foreign players working hard and devotedly creates an invisible effect of increasing the morale of the entire team. But that doesn’t mean it can’t attack. He basically scores more than 15 points on average. Although he doesn’t go in and out and scores in a variety of ways like ace-type foreign players, he attacks the defense in his own way like a relatively more big man-like player. In particular, the post-up is one of Marey’s strongest weapons.

Marey is classic. He doesn’t have a long shooting range, isn’t very fast, or can’t jump high. Instead, he is honest. Marey’s physical strength is good and his technical perfection is high, so when Marey hits a post-up, the opponent often allows him to score without knowing it. His fingertips feel near his post is very good. Due to the nature of his technique, help defense often comes in, but he doesn’t care and often scores by getting through between 2 and 3 players.

This season, Marey is also playing as a pillar of LG. He is showing off his rusty presence with an average of 16 points, 1.67 assists, 15.67 rebounds, and 1 steal in 3 games. However, the dilemma is that LG is currently recording 3 consecutive losses since the opening game and is not even able to report its first win. The player base is good, but there is no clear ace.

The absence of Lee Jae-do (32·179 cm), the ‘assault leader’ who is also the field commander and the main gun, due to injury, is painful. Yang Jun-seok, who was the first overall pick, is playing as a starting player instead, but there is still too much of an empty spot. That’s why LG’s current lack of scoring is serious. There are several teams that are scoring high points at the beginning of the season, but LG is ranked 9th with an average of 72 points.

They are also ranked 7th in 3-point shots with 6 per game, and because they are so behind in the firepower battle, they are unable to win the game no matter how hard they try on defense. Even though the team’s rebounding (3rd place) is high, the scoring production shows no signs of improving. Yang Hong-seok (26, 195 cm), who was brought in with the expectation of playing an ace role, is still quiet.

This is why there is a lot of talk about ‘what would you do if you had the best defensive big man and rebounder in the league?’ Although this is just a result, if there had been a foreign player with explosive scoring ability, the team might have achieved one or two wins. Therefore, although it is still premature, depending on the situation, there may come a time when it is necessary to reconsider whether or not to accompany Marei.온라인카지노

Of course, the best situation is for Yang Hong-seok and other native scorers to score as much as expected and see the Marey effect again. LG fans are hoping that losing streak will not become a dilemma.

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