Will Sono, who has failed to form players, undertake major reform?

Goyang Sono, founded as the 10th KBL team, is experiencing difficulties at the beginning of the season. The analysis is that the team was founded late and failed to form players. Sono director Kim Seung-gi hinted at a change.토스카지노 주소

Sono has a record of 1 win and 3 losses. They suffered three consecutive losses in the opening game before getting their first win by beating Hyundai Mobis at home on the 29th. Although they were evaluated as being inferior to other teams in terms of objective power, their performance was disappointing.

Coach Kim said ahead of the home game against Hyundai Mobis on the 29th, “The domestic players are much weaker than other teams. Due to the delay in founding, it was not possible to properly supply and demand players. He said, “When Lawson was there, he chose Kim Min-wook as a combination, but since Lawson is not there, it doesn’t fit well.”

Jarrod Jones is Sono’s main scorer, but he is different from Lawson. Coach Kim said, “Jones is a player who receives passes rather than passes them. There are not enough passers on our team. Although Lee Jung-hyun passes, he cannot be considered very good. (Han) Hobin should do it too, but he rests too much and it’s not normal,” he explained.

Director Kim, who is facing reality, said, “If it doesn’t work out, I’ll try to change it quickly. Since team operations have returned to normal, we have the power to change things. I think we need to change it to get better. “I think we will have to organize the members that way,” he said, foreshadowing the change.

I am looking at the future rather than the one win or one loss right in front of me. Coach Kim said, “Right now, my head hurts more because I’m thinking about the member composition rather than thinking about basketball. “That is more urgent,” he emphasized.

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