“Record beats memory” Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education’s ‘fresh’ smart physical education training, hot heat

“Just run at your own pace. Watch it. The heart doesn’t lie.”

At 9 a.m. on the 4th of this month, at the Gyeonggi Student Sports Center in Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Seo Kwang-seok, a physical education teacher, pointed to a monitor and spoke to the elementary and secondary physical education teachers in the area who had participated in the third phase of the ‘2023 Smart Physical Education Capacity Building Voluntary Training’ program, organized by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education in collaboration with Wipeak, a total school physical education solution company. As the 20 teachers wearing smart bands on their wrists started running in unison, the monitor displayed their individual heart rates. They warmed up using the motion-sensing app, Just Dance Now, and followed the characters’ dance demonstrations. The heat was unbelievable for a Saturday morning, each teacher’s movements and heart rate were recorded, and game-like “praise” rewards were immediately given to those who participated.

The instructor leading this novel physical education class is Seo Kwang-seok, a physical education teacher from Pocheon-dong, Pocheon, who is an “influencer” who runs the YouTube channel “2G Overflowing Class. At her small school of 83 students, she has become one of the top teachers in her field by focusing on digital competencies that allow students to learn in a fun way to eliminate the learning gap, physical education gap, and education gap. Enthusiastic physical education teachers from Gyeonggi-do gathered to share the know-how of Ms. Seo, who leads self-directed health habits without ‘arresters’ as a smart physical education evangelist. On the 28th of last month, 80 teachers from the 1st and 2nd periods had already completed the course, and on this day, a total of 160 teachers, including 80 from the 3rd and 4th periods, participated in ‘functional’ physical education classes using edtech led by Ms. Seo and ‘experiential’ physical education classes using smart physical education classrooms and IT devices led by Kim Jong-seok. After the class, the teachers exclaimed, “It was fun.” 보스토토 주소

“The biggest benefit of smart physical education is that all of the students’ activities are recorded, and by providing evidence of health improvement through pre- and post-exercise records, each student develops a sense of ownership over their physical fitness and health,” said Seo. “Kids love games because of the sense of accomplishment of ‘leveling up’. History beats memory. It’s important to show that you’re growing,” he said.

The teachers who participated in the smart physical education capacity building training also had clear goals. “I applied for the training to increase my competency in line with the direction of future physical education, the 2022 revised curriculum,” said Jeong Ji-eun, a physical education teacher at Kiheung High School in the 16th year. The 2022 Revised Curriculum (Physical Education) states that it “focuses on cultivating exercise habits through self-directed exercise practices for physical fitness and health promotion, and evaluates them using digital tools to visualize, inform, and manage practice activities. “Smart PE is still in its early stages. Even if the facilities are in place, it is only possible to utilize them properly if we have the capabilities of our teachers,” said Jung. “The most inspiring part is ‘Record’. The part that impressed me the most was that it utilizes smart technology to return children’s records as feedback and develop self-directed physical education capabilities.”

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