“You’re out! I’m sorry for the abuse controversy.” The Licht relieves KIM’s burden… “Return from injury and return to training.”

There is good news for Kim Min-jae (27), who is under controversy. Center back Matthias the Licht (24, Bayern Munich) returned from injury and participated in some team training sessions.

Munich announced on its website on the 14th (Korea Standard Time) that “The Licht has returned to team training.” Munich will face Stuttgart in the German Bundesliga on the 18th.

The club reported that “The Licht completed part of the team’s training last Thursday (14th) for the first time after partially tearing the inner ligament of his knee.”

The Licht was out of power in the German Football Federation (DFB) Pokal Cup match against FC Saarbrucken in early November due to injury. At the time, he was shocked to the knee when he tried to stop the opponent’s attack by throwing a tackle on the left side. Feeling strong pain, he immediately raised his arm and called for medical personnel, and eventually left the stadium as he was replaced by Konrad Reimer shortly afterwards.

Coach Thomas Tuchel was also hugely frustrated as he clenched his head around him. It was because the injury had recurred just four games after his return. He had been suffering from knee injury in the early days of this season but only returned in late October. He worked with Kim Min-jae for a short time on behalf of Yoyo Upamecano, who injured his hamstring, but soon afterwards, he had another knee problem.

It was even a previous injury. The diagnosis showed that the ligament in the inner side of the knee was damaged, and the injury was more serious than expected, and the patient was expected to be absent for up to eight weeks. 헤라카지노

His injury led to controversy over Kim Min-jae’s abuse. Kim Min-jae had no choice but to play consistently. Upamecano, a “hamstring injury,” returned but was under control of his playing time. In the end, Kim Min-jae, who was healthy alone, used to be in charge of all matches.

Kim continued to play in matches between the South Korean national team and Munich. Eventually, he was absent due to a minor injury. In the match against Cologne late last month, he crashed into an opponent’s striker during an aerial ball competition and fell dangerously, holding on to his pelvis and complaining of pain. Kim stood up again and played full time, but there was no aftermath from his injury.

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