Fate reunion with old teacher, Lim Chae-min, “I want to win again with director Kim Hak-beom for the first time in 10 years.”

Reunion for the first time in eight years. Jeju United’s veteran defender Lim Chae-min (34) wants to write a new history with head coach Kim Hak-beom.

Lim Chae-min has close ties with Kim. When he was playing for Seongnam FC in 2014, Kim took over at the end of the season to save the team in crisis. Seongnam was on the verge of being demoted, but it succeeded in surviving and even won the FA Cup, writing the myth of “underdog.”

With the emergence of Coach Kim, Lim Chae-min’s soccer career has changed. As a rising star, he has grown explosively while working with Coach Kim. He made it to the round of 16 by playing an active part in the AFC Champions League in 2015, and was named to the national team thanks to his strong performance. Although he failed to join the team due to an unexpected injury, Lim has since become a top-class defender in the K-League.

After Kim left Seongnam in 2016, the two met for the first time in eight years. They met again in Jeju. “Actually, I never imagined it. I didn’t think it would be easy to meet you again. I never expected you to come to Jeju,” Lim said with a smile. “He is the one who guided me in the direction of my soccer life. When I was young, my coach personally instilled confidence in me, saying, “I will be able to become a bigger player and receive a lot of good suggestions, and play for the national team.” It is true that they are not as big as I expected, but I was lucky to meet the coach at the time. I’m glad to see him again.”

Lim Chae-min’s view of head coach Kim is clear. “The body can be hard, but I think the team can be stronger. The coach is definitely someone who knows how to make a team. The leadership is clear and clear. I’m sure Jeju will be better. I have much higher expectations than worries,” Kim said, confident that he will make Jeju stronger.

Kim emphasizes physical strength in keeping with the flow of modern soccer. Strength varies depending on team characteristics and goals, but like Diego Simeone, manager of Atletico Madrid, he pursues soccer, where he plays a lot and quickly converts offense and defense. What is famous for is “Kim Hak-bum’s Hell Training.”

“It is true that the coach’s winter training is difficult. However, if you trust and follow him, you can see the effect. I know him well because I have experienced it myself,” Lim said. “I think he has changed a lot. He seems to be on a different program than he did back then. It may be hard, but I will trust and follow him. To get good results this year, you have to spend this time well.”

Jeju’s goal this year is to advance to the ACL. The flag was set by “Kim Hak-bum,” who is heading to the Asian stage after reaching the Final A. I personally have a dream that Lim Chae-min wants. It is to lift the trophy again for the first time in 10 years with Kim. “I haven’t won a trophy since I won the trophy in Seongnam. I think it will be a huge story to win the trophy in 10 years with the coach,” he said. “Of course, I think we can make such a history. Our team has potential. If we unite well with the coach and become a strong team, we will be able to collect at least one trophy. It is good to win a championship in a strong team, but I think I will have more sense of achievement if I win a championship in Jeju,” he said, expressing his willingness to write a new history with coach Kim in Jeju. 헤라카지노주소

Now is the critical moment to prepare for the new season, starting winter training. Jeju is getting off to a fresh start with the new coach. Lim Chae-min said, “I can have difficulties or complaints because I am a human being. However, I want to tell my colleagues that if you trust the coach, you will be able to achieve something. Only when you trust him, then you can improve the team. There may be good and bad players, but if the coach aims to get better than those feelings, both individuals and the team will develop. We have to trust the coach 100 percent.”

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