Hanwha’s second base begins its camp under the competition system of Ahn Chi-hong, Jung Eun-won, Moon Hyun-bin, and Kim Tae-yeon

With the arrival of the second baseman with national team experience, the fierce competition for second base has intensified. Hanwha will enter the infinite competition for second base from the start of its camp in Australia in February.

The structure of the competition is as follows. Ahn Chi-hong, who signed a big FA contract worth up to 7.2 billion won (6.37 million U.S. dollars) for up to six years and wore a Hanwha uniform. Jung Eun-won, who has recorded the most number of defensive innings among Hanwha’s second basemen since 2019, has recorded the most defensive innings among Hanwha’s second basemen. Moon Hyun-bin, who achieved more than 100 hits in his seventh career as a high school graduate last year. And Kim Tae-yeon (OPS 0.700·wRC+ 99.2) who has the best batting index among Hanwha’s second basemen in the 2023 season. Four players are looking at second basemen side by side.

Of course, one player is not the only one who survives. Three out of four players can play other than second base. Ahn Chi-hong played 699.0 innings as second baseman and 211.0 innings as first baseman last year. Since playing second and first base at the same time since 2018, Ahn has no problem in holding the two positions.

Moon played 358.0 innings as second baseman and 519.0 innings as center fielder in the 2023 season. He was also in charge of shortstop and third baseman, but adjusted his position through closing camp. “Moon has decided to focus on two positions, second baseman and left fielder,” manager Choi Won-ho said. Kim Tae-yeon, who can see all his infield positions in addition to the shortstop, goes to right fielder when moving to the outfield.

The key is harmony. Only when the team consistently maintains a lineup with balanced offense and defense, then will it be possible to have a better season than before. If physical fitness is arranged to avoid injury while maintaining performance, it would be perfect.

Coach Choi expressed his expectations for the new foreign hitter Johan Peraza, saying, “I’m thinking of making the lineup with No. 2 hitter and No. 3 Ahn Chi-hong, No. 4 Noh Si-hwan, and No. 5 Chae Eun-sung,” adding, “I have to solve my concerns about No. 1, but even if Jung Eun-won enters No. 1 and Moon Hyun-bin enters the bottom batting order, there is no problem in making the lineup.”

In this case, Jung Eun-won will be the second baseman, An Chi-hong will be the first baseman, Moon Hyun-bin will be the left fielder, and Chae Eun-sung will be the designated hitter. Peraza can see all three outfield seats, adding flexibility to the lineup. If Kim Tae-yeon plays right field, all four second base contenders will enter the lineup.

The game begins on Feb. 1. Hanwha will hold two consecutive games against the Australian national team on Feb. 17 and 18. It will then move to Okinawa, Japan, and play four games from Feb. 22 to March 3. It will face Samsung on Feb. 26, KT on Feb. 28, Lotte on March 2, and KT on March 3.

“Coaches use players who are good at games. If players are in good condition throughout the camp and play well in actual matches, they naturally become a priority when writing down the lineup. 랭크카지노

“I think the top batting order will be fixed to some extent. We need to see more about the bottom batting order. I am thinking about various things with my coaches. If there is a player who is good at everything from camp to exhibition games, I cannot help but use it,” Choi said, hinting that he will agonize over the lineup for the opening games for two months from February.

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