“India did a great job”… Winning and Winning Australia, “I’m Here to Win the Cup”

Australian national football coach Graham Arnold praised his opponents for their performance and their attitude in the game after the victory over India.

Australia, led by Arnold, had a 2-0 victory over India in the first round of Group B at the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium on Tuesday night. Australia gained three points by boasting an overwhelming power gap against India thanks to consecutive goals by Jackson Irvin in the fifth minute of the second half and Jordan Bose in the 28th minute of the second half. However, despite India’s remarkable inferiority in capability, it also held up fairly well against Australia. For reference, Australia is ranked 25th in FIFA rankings and India is ranked 102nd.

Then, Arnold praised his opponent after the match against India. According to Kiel Now, an Australian media outlet, Arnold said, “I have full praise for India. The Indian players devoted themselves to playing throughout the game. We had a lot of chances to score, but they mostly blocked it. India is a very well-trained team,” in showing respect for his opponent. “We need to improve for the upcoming game. Especially with set piece. I didn’t handle set piece properly,” he said, clarifying his intention to improve team’s problem. 헤라카지노

Arnold is not the only coach who came up with the idea. Irvin, the hero of the opening goal, also said in a mixed zone interview after the match, “India played really well. They threw their bodies throughout the game. India tested us like any other top Asian team.”

Meanwhile, Arnold vowed to win the Asian Cup in Qatar after his victory over India. Arnold said, “We’re here to win the Asian Cup. We can improve everything in the upcoming games.”

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