‘Non-fungible’ SON blank, ‘unexpected’ person may fill… Full of expectation

The player who will minimize Son’s absence could unexpectedly be Hisharl Song, not Timo Werner. It is possible to some extent considering Hishar Song’s recent performance.

Tottenham Hotspur will have to play without Son until mid-February at the most. This is because Son has been selected to play for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. If the Korean national soccer team, which is considered as a leading candidate for the Asian Cup, advances to the finals of the Asian Cup, Son will not be able to play in a Tottenham uniform until the match against Wolverhampton on Feb. 18 (Korea time).

Therefore, Tottenham prepared for Son Heung-min’s departure early on. Tottenham, which had been looking around a number of strikers even before the winter transfer window opened, brought Timo Werner on loan from RB Leipzig at the beginning of the transfer window. It is also a short-term lease for six months, and since the contract does not include a mandatory purchase clause, Werner is a loan that Tottenham does not have much burden.

However, it is a problem that he has high doubts about Werner. Werner has failed in the Premier League once when he was with Chelsea. At that time, Werner played in nearly 60 matches in the PL for Chelsea, but scored only 10 goals. Watchers say that Werner displayed good movement but displayed the worst touch and finish. Werner’s career in the PL ended in failure, and Werner returned to his former team Leipzig for the first time in two years.

His recent performance has not been good either. Werner seemed to make a resurgence at Leipzig last season, but was put on the bench by other players this season. Many Tottenham fans expressed concern over Werner’s lack of performance. Werner joined Tottenham Hotspur in a crucial role to replace Son.

However, unexpectedly, Hisharlisson may be the player who will minimize the vacancy of Son Heung-min, not Werner. This is possible because Hisharlisson’s recent performance has been so good.

Hisharlisson was Tottenham’s “golden side” until last season. He had high expectations because he had a lot of experience in PL compared to his young age, but after moving to Tottenham, he only showed disappointment. Many people criticized Hisharlisson because of his poor performance and poor attitude in the game.

This season, however, Hisharlisson has risen to the core of Tottenham, especially recently. Hisharlisson has started 12 out of 17 games so far with six goals and three assists, and is in charge of scoring for his team as the second highest scorer in Tottenham after Son Heung-min. Hisharlisson’s past six games have been recorded with five goals and one assist. His performance has significantly improved.

France’s ‘Foot Mercato’ said, “Hisharlissong, who has been disappointed since joining Tottenham, seems to have finally come to his senses. We finished 2023 with a great finish, and he will continue to shine in 2024. Although he lost his place on the starting list for a while, coach Ange Postecoglou did not doubt him and wanted to help Hisharlissong recover his performance. With Tottenham suffering from injury, Hisharlissong finally got the opportunity to produce results.” 라바카지노주소

Postecoglou also expressed his trust in the match against Newcastle United, where Hisharlisson scored multiple goals, saying, “We are trying to find his confidence, and Hisharlisson has shown that he can be a threat. I think we can reach the level we think we can reach.”

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